different explanation for the WTC collapse on 9/11/01

different explanation for the WTC collapse on 9/11/01

Greetings fellow bloggers.

Surfing on YouTube last evening, I came across Dr. Judy Wood’s presentation in England in October, 2011, about the collapse of the 2 100+ story World Trade Center towers on 9/11/01.  This was a new twist on the various “theories” as to what caused the collapse.

Despite other videos on YouTube that try to “debunk” Dr. Wood’s presentation, I think it was worth viewing and thinking about.  Her detractors cannot refute all of her 13 or 14 points.  They concentrate on only one or two of the minor points of the evidence she presents.

Dr. Brown, a PhD. in Engineering and former professor at Clemson University (South Carolina, USA), presents much evidence that contradicts the official story we are all familiar with.  Below, we provide links to the nearly 2 hour presentation on YouTube.  You can opt for taking on the whole talk in one video, or make use of the links to her presentation in 2 parts of one hour each.  (This is for those times when you are bored with football, or have an hour or two to spare and can watch it at your leisure.)

In my essay back in September marking the anniversary of 9/11, the collapse of the towers was touched on.  (Structural steel begins to lose some of its rigidity and tensile strength above 1,100 degrees Farenheit.  Jet fuel burns at higher temperatures than that.)  However, this presentation has made me wonder if the truth about the collapse of the towers may indeed be stranger than fiction.

Where did one million tons of debris go?  Each tower would contribute half of this amount.  That much rubble slamming into the ground would have spread into side streets, crashed into neighboring buildings and left a pile of rubble several stories tall at ground level where the towers had stood.  That is just one of her points of evidence.  There are many more.

Dr. Wood’s evidence points to the possibility of “directed energy” being used to cause the “dustification” of concrete and steel during the collapse.  (See the video for this.)

This got me to thinking – an unhealthy habit, I know.  Then I drifted off to sleep, and for a refreshing change had a good dream.  Whilst dreaming of a world where people really loved  each other, I realized I was only dreaming. Just the same, upon waking, my state of mind was more positive than on many mornings.

Dear readers, please indulge (and forgive) me here for what follows.

Here is a scenario that crossed my uneasy mind.  (Not asserting this is what actually happened, but that it could be in the realm of the possible.  Perhaps this is good fiction.) The US government’s intelligence agencies become aware that a major terrorist attack is planned for September 11, 2001.  The details are known to these agencies.  They know that the plan is to fly airliners into both towers in lower Manhattan.  Instead of warning the proper authorities, such as the President, the Secretary of Transportation, local authorities in New York, and airport security and airlines throughout the country, they implement a sinister plan of their own.

As it may be difficult to bring down the towers by smashing jet planes into them, bombs are placed in the basements and at various other locations in both office towers.  (Here is where we may not be dealing with fiction.  Many of us have heard that several individuals who were in the buildings prior to the collapses reported hearing explosions.)  This planting of bombs can be congruent with the cover story of a major terrorist attack.  Recall the first attempt to bring down one of the towers on February 26, 1993 (the 2nd anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait City in the first Gulf War).  That attempt was by bomb(s) placed in the basement.  Thus, the 9/11 terrorist conspiracy or plot involved not just airline hijackers, but also operatives on the ground in New York City.

The combination of the planes flown into the buildings and the bombs going off still does not explain the behavior of the structural steel and concrete during each collapse, and may not even account for the collapses.  (View Dr. Wood’s video, the first 20 minutes or so, for more on this.)  A new (secret) technology that harnesses or manipulates electromagnetic forces in bizarre ways – that neither Plank, nor Einstein, nor Edison, nor Tesla could have envisioned or foreseen – may be at work here.  The terrorist attack was allowed to go forward so as to provide cover for a live demonstration (on a large scale) of the power of this new technology.

Far fetched?  Unsettling?  Terribly disturbing?  YES.  But, the US government has withheld inconvenient information from the public for decades.  So, who can say what the truth is here?  For example, if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy in November, 1963, why are tens of thousands of government documents relating to the assassination still off limits to any researchers and authors?  What cannot be made public? Why the need for such secrecy if the public was given an accurate and factual explanation of the assassination?

Just some musings from an uneasy mind.

Here are the links:

Dr. Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did The Towers Go

Entire talk, 1 hour and 56 minutes:


Part one (59 minutes):


Part two (59 minutes):



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