Santana sampler

Santana sampler

We have not done a music essay in some time.  (Our Christmas essay goes up tomorrow.)

a mandala

I grew up ( or came of age) listening to Santana as they put out album after album throughout the 1970s.  Their music evolved over the years but was always very good.

Here are some links to their music on YouTube.  Some of these songs are not widely known, but are worth listening to at least once in your life.  (We could have included links to songs from the albums Moonflower (1977), or Love, Devotion and Surrender (1973), or Caravanserai (1972), etc., but then there would be too much of a good thing.)  As well, some of these YouTube uploaders have the release dates of the albums wrong.  We have provided the correct ones here.

Santana – Primera Invasion-Searchin’ – “I’m gonna keep on searchin ’til I win your love!”  Searchin’ kicks in at about 2:08….. “listen, my heart is calling, longing to have you near me.” (From the 1981 album, Zebop!)

Stormy ~ Santana (1978 – Inner Secrets album)

Santana from the Marathon album (1979) – Aquamarine (a haunting and enchanting instrumental – Santana had many great instrumentals over the years)

Also from Marathon, Stay Beside Me (starts on an abrupt loud note, you may want to turn your volume down prior to the start of the song for the first couple of seconds):

From Festival (1976) Give me love (a very beautiful song and not widely known!)  Love this song.

From Amigos (1975) Take me with you  (Beware, like life itself, the terror often precedes the peace and joy; worth listening to once in your life)

This instrumental starts @8:13 into the album and continues through 13:34 – having trouble with links to the individual song.  But, hey, the first song, Baila Mi Hermana (Dance Sister Dance) is good, too.

Song for Devadip (instrumental) from Oneness (1981):

Also from Oneness, I am free (short):

Winning (from Zebop!, 1981):


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