medical leave

medical leave

Greetings everyone.

The wheel of terror – joy has turned on me, and now I am engulfed by the terror side of the wheel of life.

As I will be undergoing abdominal surgery on Tuesday, January 8th, there will be no new essays posted on the blog for a couple of weeks or more.  It is my intention to post new essays, but there will be a break in the action as the body heals and recovers from the surgery.  The abdominal injuries have to be repaired at the surgical center.  (As with all abdominal surgeries, there is a small risk of complications, mainly possible damage to nearby organs and blood vessels.)

The medical folks have warned me to expect some pain as the body deals with 2 incisions.  They are telling me to take the prescription pain killers for at least the first 2 or 3 days.  My view is that it will not be me suffering, but rather this body suffering.  However, in this circumstance, taking the prescription pain reducer is probably the right thing to do.

The surgery will start at 7:30 a.m. and last approximately 2 hours.  We are 8 hours behind UTC or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) here in western North America.

However it comes out, the sun will still rise, and set.  Flowers will bloom in the spring.  Birds will sing in the trees.  The jack rabbits will scamper across the snow in our front yard.  (They must be suffering some with these very cold nights here in the high desert.) As they say, “the beat goes on”.  And, boys will still chase after girls for a kiss.  (It will be better to have this experience receding in the rear view mirror so to speak.)

Please accept my best wishes for you and your loved ones.  Practice love, and traffic in love and compassion rather than in anger, hate and resentment.  You know intuitively that your inner life will be much richer and fuller if you keep love in your heart.

Until next we meet, you can (if you like and you have some time) wander in the monthly archives of this blog, or browse through the various categories for previous essays you may have missed.

Thank you.


  1. I’m merely doing some desultory scrolling as I rest between garden chores. I do hope that these nearly six years later, you are in “top shape”! (or “middle shape”…)

    (I am attracted increasingly to this blog, perhaps primarily to the eclectic nature of it. I don’t see a “Donate” tab…might you need to be “maintained”? I’d be pleased to help periodically in my small way.)

    1. Thanks Robert for your comment and your concern. The surgery was successful back in early January, 2013. But, with age, comes other health issues. Basically, I am in pretty good health but have some conditions that while not life threatening can make life inconvenient at times and do add a little nuisance type suffering to my life.

      No, there is no need to donate financially to the blog. And, I have never thought to monetize it in any way. This blog is a small blog that over time does reach a few people with my thoughts and hopefully they find some things of benefit. Continuing this blog is a form of therapy for me, I guess. Yes, it may be eclectic. For sure, we would have had more traffic if we had made this into a specialty blog focusing solely on one subject area. Being a kind of generalist blog means that we will remain small but we have the freedom to write on any topic and not have to maintain several separate blogs. Take care and thanks again for your concern.

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