on human psychology – short and sweet today

on human psychology – short and sweet today

Greetings all!

Here is our first post surgery essay.  Not much red meat, but still worth a moment’s reflection.

It is funny (read: strange) about human psychology – we bury (or repress) the unpleasant memories, and choose to remember the good experiences.  But, when looking into the future, if we could see what lay ahead, and if 95 per cent of it was really good and only 5 per cent (or less) was bad or painful, we would obsess on the small percentage of bad times ahead, and not be appreciative of so much good to come.  Humans are rather curious beings.

The past is safe and secure.  We fix it in our minds by selectively editing and retaining desired memories and discarding sorrowful ones.  The future, however, is unknown, and thus its uncertainty makes us anxious.  Even if we could know what lay ahead, we would likely discount the positive and fret much over the negative to come.  (Of course, some readers would say that if we knew the future, we would take steps to alter it.  Then a new revelation as to the future would be needed.  That could be an endless loop.)

Perhaps the Zenists are correct.  The present moment’s awareness is what matters.  We can only live in the eternal now.  Learn from the past and prepare for the future, yes, but remember to live or be in the present.

Well, that was longer than we intended.  Here is a bonus for our readers.

The below image was taken by my wife, Lucy, through the window of our car last Sunday afternoon as I was driving (the car was in motion).  We call it “Snow in the high (elevation) desert – January, 2013”.


snow 2


More essays are in the draft stage and will be released over the next few days, my convalescence permitting.  To be sure to receive them, sign up to receive them by email.  We are a 24/7 blog site, and our readership is now across many time zones.  Thank you.

Best wishes to all!


  1. Funny about the present, isn’t it. We’re about the same age so you can relate. Think of a time when you were around 16 or so and had a decently mature thought or opinion. Live in that moment for a bit. Now–are we really all that different? We know a bit more and our judgement may be a bit sounder but…are we that different? Yes–the eternal now; I like your idea.

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