Science: alas, your limitations distress you

Science: alas, your limitations distress you

Today, we go “combative”.  And, make no apologies.  Reader discretion is advised.

“There are times when life slaps (or punches) you in the face or dumps on you, and you have to turn on life and smack it upside the head.”  —- anonymous

Somewhere in Canada.

“Sure is cold outside.”

“Yes, but do not believe the weather people on TV when they say the mercury will drop below minus 40 degrees tonight.  Mercury freezes a little above minus 40 degrees C (which is also minus 40 degrees F).  So, below that you need some type of alcohol based thermometer.”

Now, to our essay . . . .

Let’s briefly discuss 2 troubling areas of current medical “research” and then look at the larger implications, the bigger picture.  (We were going to order this essay differently, but liberal mindset biases in some readers make it necessary to order the contents as we did. Of course, long time readers of this blog realize that we do not give one toilet flush for “political correctness”.  If the truth and common sense offend liberal sensitivities, so be it.)

The zealous pursuit of human embryonic stem cell research has been an abysmal failure.  The successes in stem cell research have come from adult stem cells.  (Readers, you will value the information you find on this if you do your own internet research.  The data, plenty of it, is out there.)  Yet, the medical community continues to promise us that embryonic stem cells will one day be a panacea, or cure-all, for all physical health issues. This is done to secure (win) funding and grants.  (In California, the taxpayers are on the hook for billions that the state legislature awarded to this research several years back.  I seem to recall hearing of similar initiatives in other states going forward, albeit on a smaller scale.  As well, this “research” is being conducted in Europe and some Asian nations.)

Two ethical violations can be seen here.  First, a lack of respect for human life.  Even these zealous researchers term the “material” they are working with as human embryonic stem cells (harvested from human embryos, often obtained from fertility clinics*).  Cannibalizing the stem cells from these human embryos, which then die, is not right.  The second ethical violation is the lack of honesty.  This research has been going on for more than 10 years now.  There have been no miracle cures from it.  Even the alleged improvements in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease are questionable as other factors (in their improvement) have not been adequately addressed.  Now, what you will not hear from these researchers is that the very pliability or adaptability of embryonic stem cells (much heralded and touted) is a two edged sword.  There have been cases of these stem cells becoming tumorous (read: cancerous) after being inserted into a patient’s body.  Seems these human embryonic stem cells are not so safe or risk free after all.

Ignoring moral concerns for the moment, human embryonic stem cell research fails the cost/benefit analysis every time when compared to other avenues of research.

With health care systems around the planet struggling with rising costs and increased demands for health care services, why are vast sums being allocated to this failure?!

We say these funds should be re-allocated and redirected to other avenues of medical research.  But, there is strong resistance on the part of researchers working with human embryonic stem cells to admit to themselves and to the rest of us that they have wasted (significant) resources on this failed endeavor.  (The medical establishment is very reluctant to own up to or admit this costly failure out of fears of losing additional funding and losing its prestige in the public’s eyes.)  In the military academies there is an old adage that is apropos here.  “Do not reinforce failure.”  This can be reworded into the common phrase: do not throw good money after bad.  Or, similarly, cut your losses!

* Young college age men: Stop donating (for a cash payment) your sperm cells to these fertility and research clinics by masturbating (ejaculating) into a specimen container.  You are an accessory to this immoral research.  Earn your spending money by getting a part time job!  As well, young women do not donate your eggs.  The extraction process is not without serious risks to your health.  Do not be a party to this “research”.

The second area of current medical research to consider is human cloning.  Before addressing that, we note that there is even talk of brain transplants, which as macabre as it sounds, may not be outside the realm of technical possibility within a century or two (or less).  We are aware of immoral and unethical experiments taking place over the past 20 years or more involving such things as genetic manipulation, and the bringing into existence of hybrid monstrosities where human genetic material is mixed with animal genetic material.  (Man, rejecting God and denying His existence and sovereignty, desires to play at being God.)

Just what is the point of human cloning?  Is it an attempt to bring another life into existence that could be used for possible future organ transplants without immune system rejection of the transplanted organ(s)?  Another human being would be brought into existence as a source of “spare parts”?  Are we attempting to find a source of immortality here (for the wealthy few who would be able to afford it)?  For these “doctors” and researchers, is it just for the thrill (ego boost) of being able to achieve this?  Food for thought.  (I sure do not get it, nor understand why this is being pursued.)

Now to the larger issue.  (Stick with me here – we’re stirring the pot and bringing it to a boil.)

Just the fact that the above “research” is pursued (at all) by the scientific and the medical establishments points to a very troubling situation.

Science has its limitations.  This is true.  Nevertheless, there are some who will disagree and assert that in due time (and with enough resources at its disposal) science can answer any query or solve any problem.  The human mind also has its limitations.  Man will never on this Earth be omniscient (all knowing).  Humbling thought, eh?  Let’s be wary of attempting to deify the human mind as an atheistic (and ego-centric) substitute for believing in God.

When research is conducted that leads to the loss of human life, even in its earliest stages of development, a lack of respect for human life and a lack of ethics is clearly evident.  Too many so-called “bio-ethicists” play the role of apologist for this immoral research.  They try to rationalize the moral wrong away by touting the illusive and illusory future benefits to come for the many.  (An ends justifies the means argument.  Or, might makes right?)

We think that the problem stems from too many individuals in the scientific and medical establishments denying God’s existence and the applicability of the God given moral codes. Science and medical researchers and surgeons need to be guided by at least the most basic or rudimentary morality.  Humans, being very flawed beings, need God’s moral laws to protect themselves from their self-destructive tendencies.  The moral laws do not restrict our freedom, rather these laws and principles call us to freedom.  Freedom from needless self-inflicted suffering and needless injustices that we humans cause each other.

Some may object here and say that doctors have a code of professional ethics and a Hippocratic Oath.  Indeed, they do.  However, recall that when it was expedient to do so, the Hippocratic Oath was officially changed in recent decades (to allow for the performing of abortions).  So, for doctors there appear to be no moral absolutes that are applicable in all times.

We can take this further here.  The agnosticism and atheism that is prevalent among medical and scientific researchers also leads these individuals to deny the existence of the human soul.  You deny the soul’s existence and you deny God’s existence, but you cannot deny the historical truth that man has acted terribly towards his fellow man throughout the ages (and, hence, needs to strive to live by a moral code!).  For the university based medical researchers, take a walk over to your university’s department of history, and do a little reading and/or converse with the history professors if you doubt this.  You will quickly realize that there is a serious need for a moral code to govern the affairs and actions of men.

Let’s respect individual human dignity.  We, as a society, as a human family, need to work on this big time!  As we all know, even the hardcore liberals amongst us, every one of us was at one time, not so very long ago, a human embryo.  (Ironically, it is science that demonstrates that human life begins at conception.)

In closing, let me just observe that you “doctors” can do ugly things to human bodies, but you cannot get at the soul with your instruments.  You cannot create, nor destroy, nor alter the individual’s soul.  Thankfully, God will never allow man to acquire the ability to do that.

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