fruit, vegetable, and scenery

fruit, vegetable, and scenery

Dear readers,

Here are several pics for your viewing enjoyment.  The fruit platter looks inviting, the bok choy (similar to North American collards) is a cancer fighter (especially the deep green leaves), and the 2 scenery pics (southwestern part of San Francisco near the Pacific Ocean) are rather nice.  All photos are courtesy of Lucy, the other half of larrysmusings.  Enjoy.

Fruit platter

fruit platter

Bok choy at the supermarket (in the produce or vegetable section)

bok choy 3

Bok choy preparation (wash thoroughly, and then blanche (or boil) in fresh water on stove top until thick stems are somewhat soft and pliable).

bok choy

Ready now to eat – goes well with rice, other vegetables, etc.  Not much taste in stems (fiber), but green leaves have a mild pleasant taste.  Is good for you!  “Choy” is popular in Asian communities in the US.  (Use fork or chopsticks.)

bok choy 2

Trees in park/golf course


Waterway in the Sunset district (looking northeast)


Best wishes to all!

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