as to sea level rise

as to sea level rise

Dear readers, across many time zones, here we present links to a very lengthy article on sea level rise.  We said in a recent essay (under “random musings”) that we did not feel the need to address climate change as others have already debunked it.  That still holds true, but, we wish to pass on this link to those readers who may be interested in its subject matter.  We do count some science buffs among our blog’s subscribers.

The late John Daly (1943 – 2004) was an early and outspoken skeptic of human caused global warming, and all the alarmist calls for extreme measures to combat it.  He was originally from Britain, but spent most of his later years in Tasmania, Australia.  I had the privilege of a very brief email correspondence with John some months before he unexpectedly passed away.  We were both concerned with accuracy in claims to sea level rise.  John had wanted to find out more about the sea level benchmark in the Falkland Islands (far southern Atlantic Ocean).  In the linked article, he talks at length about the mean sea level benchmark from 1841 in Tasmania, fronting on the great southern ocean.

If you make it through the lengthy article (or scroll to the latter part of it), you will find that there has not been a significant change in sea level since the very late 1880s according to this benchmark.  However, there does appear to have been a noticeable change in sea level between 1841 and 1888 (less than 50 years).

If in fact, the earth has warmed in the past several decades due to the Sun going through a temporary but more active, energetic phase (as is indicated from observations of the other planets and moons in our solar system in recent years), then no sane (and honest) person will fault humans for the behaviour of the sun.  (Are you listening Al Gore?!)  As well, the data is skewed by too many ground based measurement points that are near the heat islands of concrete cities that radiate heat at night.  (Try walking barefoot on a summer’s evening – after the sun has set – on your patio or along a sidewalk.  You will feel the heat of the concrete.)  There is satellite data that contradicts this ground based data and fails to show such significant warming as is claimed.  The satellite data is comprehensive, covering the entire world’s surface area.

Some readers may point out that there have been many news articles in recent years pointing to a loss of ice in Greenland that may, if it continues, serve to raise sea levels.  We do not dispute that.  As well, there has been some loss of ice in the Antarctic peninsula (that portion of the continent that juts up near to South America, and accounts for only 2 per cent of Antarctica’s landmass).  However, there have been some reports that the ice sheets of Antarctica (that total to 9 or 10 times the volume of Greenland’s ice sheet) have been expanding in recent years.  It may be that the volume of ice that is being lost in the far north is being taken up again in the far south.  (Be aware that sea borne ice when it melts does not raise sea levels.  Ice on land melting and draining into the ocean will raise sea levels.)

Here are the links (fortunately his family and friends have kept this site up):

Main site:

Part 1 of the article on The Isle of the Dead (where the sea level benchmark is located):

Part 2 is here (the isle is so named as it has a graveyard for convicts who died in prison):

We note that today is the 10th anniversary of part 2 being posted online.

Variations in CO2 Growth Rate Associated with Solar Activity

There are other related, thought provoking and informative articles on his site.

Blog subscribers, especially young women readers, stay tuned for our special Valentine’s Day essay coming in a few days.  It will be worth a read, and a share!  (It is actually done and ready to be posted, but, we are still too far in advance of 2/14 to let it go.)

Thanks for reading!  And, happy lunar new year!

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  1. My argument about the rise of the World Ocean has been from a different angle, I wondered how much water would be need to get the World Ocean to rise by one meter and where was that water today? Simple math said that it would take over 400,000 cubic kilometers of water to get a rise of just one meter, I wished that I had better math as this figure did not take into account the curvature of the Earth or the areas where there would be massive inland flooding and both these items wold mean ‘more water and not less water’, I got to a point where my math said that it would take over 1,000,000.00 cubic kilometers of water to get a rise of two meters, as all ice is fresh water and there are several sources that say that the areas of the World where Ice sits above the level of the World Ocean account for just 5% of the Worlds land mass then it is ludicrous for anyone to think that these millions of cubic kilometers of water actually does sit on these relatively small ares of the World. Simply the water does not exist to get any large rise in the level of the World Ocean and anyone who suggests that the World Ocean could rise by more than half a meter is an idiot, even that rise would be hard to achieve and were this 1,000,000.00 cubic kilometers sitting as a cube then it would be a cube of water with all it’s sides 100 kilometers and as the atmosphere is only less than 10 kilometer thick then you would think that someone would see it, If the 400,000.00 cubic kilometers of water that would be needed to raise the level by one meter was stacked one upon anouther then it would be more than enough water to go to the moon by submarine. N

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