We do not normally do re-blogs at larrysmusings, but here we make the rare exception. This young woman is a seeker after truth and some of our readers may be interested in this latest essay of hers.

metanoia in progress

ring around the rosy,
pockets full of posies
ashes, ashes we all fall down

It is a strange little ditty,  a nursery rhyme to learn and sing on the playground as a child. A chant for a circle dance among children. Although the origins have been speculated to be in relation to the Black Plague. This theory is currently debunked (according to my recent researching “googling”) but it still holds resonance within me. The “rosy” referred to the burning of the dead corpses during the plague. Posies were for the stench and ultimately the last line “Ashes, ashes we all fall down” was the inevitability of death.

Ashes, ashes……. Ash Wednesday

Yes, Wednesday is Ash Wednesday the start of the Lenten Season. Strangely I look forward to this year’s Lent, as an opportunity to work on my faith and spiritual life. Not that I plan to go on some long…

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