sundry thoughts on St. Valentine’s Day

sundry thoughts on St. Valentine’s Day

Greetings all!  (Bonus trivia at bottom and update to a recent essay.)

Dedicated to the Queen of Hearts – whomever she may be.

take one

The thick, rough rope is scraping the callouses on my hands.  My palms, where not calloused, are now bleeding.  Beads of sweat are pouring from my scalp and down my forehead, at times getting in my eyes and blurring my vision.  Moving quickly down the rope now, I see the rocky ledge below me in the deepening twilight.  Hand over hand, my descent from the top of the cliff continues.

Now, I land on the wide ledge in the midst of several tribesmen and women.  Out of breath, I am shaking from my exertions.  The people crowd near with looks of great concern on their faces.  They plead, “Tell us.  Tell us, what did you see?”

Catching my breath, I cannot yet talk.  My stomach begins to retch, but there is nothing in my stomach to throw up.

The old chief comes forward and shakes me.  He commands “speak”.  Falling to my knees, I say “God is not as we have been told He is.”  Expressions of bewilderment and dismay appear on their faces.

“God is not an ogre.  He is not a monster.”

Anguished cries of stunned disbelief issue from many throats.

I can say no more.  The psychological trauma of the experience and the great physical stress of my exertions are too much for me.  Presently, I lose control of my bowels.

take two

The wind howled and shrieked.  The heavy rain slammed hard against the windows.  Distant flashes of lightning briefly lit up the room but dimly.  The low growl of far-off thunder could be heard.  Many a ship at sea was in danger this terrible night.

In the dark, she rolled over to me and pressed her body next to mine for warmth under the blankets, as the storm raged outside.  I ran my fingers through her silky smooth, thick tresses.  Her hair smelled good.  The soft, rhythmic breathing had a calming effect on me.  Surprising that she could sleep through this storm with the howling wind.

This was special.  It was magical.  It was proper to appreciate – and be in – the present moment.

Any storm damage, any worldly cares, could wait until the morrow.  I said a silent prayer for any travellers out in this storm and for the sailors at sea, for their safety, while gently holding her close.  My eyes were moist from a few tears of joy.

“Love’s so strange

Playin’ hide and seek with hearts and always hurtin’

And we’re the fools standin’ close enough to touch those burnin’ memories

And, if I hold you for the sake of all those times love made us lose our minds

Could I ever let you go?”

from the song Looks Like We Made It sung by Barry Manilow (1970s).

. . . . . now, to our originally drafted essay . . . . .

Today, I feel like an immovable stone Buddha sitting on a rock.  But, perhaps my mind is still lucid, somewhat.  . . . . so, here goes . . . .

The below related pic is courtesy of a distant relative found on Facebook.  Hopefully, this pic is not too large for hand held devices to display easily.


As it is already February 14th in Australia and much of Asia, we will post this essay now.

Regarding St. Valentine’s Day, consider what is marketed and purchased and given as gifts in the USA for this day.  Flowers (obviously).  Greeting cards (to be sure).  Chocolate (for those not currently on a weight loss “diet”).  Jewelry (for those who can afford it – if she already has enough rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings, give her an anklet, or a cute bauble for her navel piercing).  Ladies lingerie and assorted under garments (in novel and amusing designs, some using the heart shape – red with black is a popular color combination).  And, other assorted accessories (condoms, etc.).

I guess some folks may give a bottle of wine as a gift on this day.  Is it a big day for giving perfumes?

Did composing poetry for one’s lover go out of style in the early to mid 1800s?  For me, I would be happy with going out to a nice Italian restaurant for a very delicious, albeit high calorie, dinner.

February 14, “Valentine’s Day”, is now associated or identified with romantic love, and – dare I say – sexual desires and passions.

Curious, how a late antiquity Christian saint’s feast day could morph into what it now is.

Before closing this essay, let me direct a remark to the young women readers.  For all those young women who secretly desire(d) to be, or envied, a Miss February, please remember that it will be the beauty of your personality and your values that will attract and keep a good man’s interest in you for the long run.  You are more than your youthful, vibrant, shapely, feminine body (with or without your clothes on)!  And, if your guy does not think so, then he is not a good man!

Let me wish all of you a happy and safe and sane February 14th.  Please, if you celebrate, celebrate responsibly.

For those who might be interested, we include a link to some info on the historical St. Valentine.

Bonus trivia

If you ever visit very old buildings with glass windows, say 200 to 300 years old, look at the windows.  If the old building has its original glass windows, you can see that the glass is noticeably thicker at the bottom of the window.  (I saw this while touring Fort Ticonderoga in upper New York state in the 1970s.)  Yes, they did make windows thicker back then, but even so, the glass has become deformed at and near the bottom of the window.  The glass has “flowed” down, over many decades, from the influence (pull) of gravity.  This shows that glass is not a solid so much as a “super cooled” liquid.  (Perhaps a search of the Internet would turn up some images of this phenomenon.)

Update to prior essay

There was an oversight in our earlier essay (on sea level rise).  We neglected to mention the reports in recent years of loss of ice in Greenland.  We include here the paragraph we subsequently added to that essay on the blog site.  We regret our oversight.  We do strive to deliver quality content for our readers.  Thank you for your understanding.

Added paragraph to as to sea level rise:

Some readers may point out that there have been many news articles in recent years pointing to a loss of ice in Greenland that may, if it continues, serve to raise sea levels.  We do not dispute that.  As well, there has been some loss of ice in the Antarctic peninsula (that portion of the continent that juts up near to South America, and accounts for only 2 per cent of Antarctica’s landmass).  However, there have been some reports that the ice sheets of Antarctica (that total to 9 or 10 times the volume of Greenland’s ice sheet) have been expanding in recent years.  It may be that the volume of ice that is being lost in the far north is being taken up again in the far south.  (Be aware that sea-borne ice when it melts does not raise sea levels.  Ice on land melting and draining into the ocean will raise sea levels.)

Tibetan proverb

“If the mountains are high and the valleys are low, only the best of friends or the worst enemies will be visitors.”

Thanks for reading!

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