prepared entrees

prepared entrees

Greetings to readers on 4 continents!  Why do we have so few blog visitors from Africa and from America del Sur (South America)?

Today, we begin a series of pictorial essays.  We need a break from the thematic essays for a while.  All the pictures in these essays, for better or for worse, were taken by Lucy or myself.  In today’s essay, about 90 per cent were taken by Lucy.  She is the better photographer.

Candidly, I have never been good at cooking.  But, I have always enjoyed eating the meals prepared by good cooks!  Most of the entrees below were prepared by a relative of Lucy’s who has had culinary academy training.  Enjoy.

This first picture is of appetizers.


more food


This next image is of a salad with romaine lettuce, beets, and oranges with avocado lime dressing.




Here is another salad with purple cabbage.


purple cabbage salad


This next pic is of sandwiches (possibly egg salad).




More sandwiches.


more sandwiches


This next photo is of noodles with Chinese broccoli.


noodle with Chinese broccoli


Here we see noodles, fish balls, and Chinese greens (and chop sticks).


noodle, fish balls, Chinese greens


Now, to meat dishes.  Here is “rack of lamb”.


rack of lamb


Turkey (below) looks delicious.  Looks like peaches (from cans) on the side.


turkey meat


Various meats including ham.


meats etc


Meatloaf with a garnish of green peas.


meat loaf


Dinner rolls and another entree.


dinner rolls


Turkey bread (made somewhat in the shape of a turkey – use your imagination).


turkey bread


Cup cake like items for dessert.


cup cakes


Lucy and I ate at a restaurant on Friday, 22 February.  Here are the entrees we had.

Vegetarian omelette.  Trust me, it was as delicious as it looks!  Mushrooms, peppers, cheeses, small amounts of tomato all on top of hash brown potatoes.


vegetarrian omelette


Fish and chips.  Cod in a beer batter, French fries, and cole slaw (and soup was included).


fish and chips


Hopefully, you have enjoyed our humble offering.  More pictorial essays will follow over the next several days on different topics.  Feel free to share this essay with your friends.

Best wishes to all!


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