pictures on walls, etc.

pictures on walls, etc.

“We won’t get fooled again!”   A song by the British rock band, The Who.


on the road


Today, we invite you into our home located in the windswept, high elevation desert wastes of northern Nevada (in western America del Norte, GMT minus 8 hours).  The air is somewhat rarified at more than 4,200 feet above sea level.  As there are many photographers who specialize in outdoor photography, we thought that we would confine our pictures to indoor items.  Most of the pictures in this essay were taken by me.  (The one above, while I was driving, is from Lucy.)

This first picture is of a painting called “100 birds”.  We have never counted them all, and some are very small, but there are likely 100 birds in the painting.  It hangs on the western perimeter wall of the house.


100 birds


Here is a painting of Chinese men playing a board game.  We offer 2 shots of it.  This is on an interior wall, not on the perimeter walls of the house.


Chinese man


And, the second.


Chinese man 2


Now, 2 views of a nice wooden wall decoration in the master bedroom.


brown pic 3


And, the second view.


brown pic 2


Here are 2 views of a reproduction of a Chinese watercolor that never made it on to a wall. It is difficult to find an angle or setting to avoid reflections in the glass of the picture frame. By the way, this was found many years ago in a thrift store for a very modest price.


zen bird


We tried a different approach and location in this shot.


zen bird 2


Now, on to another picture that was not put up on a wall.




Here are 2 metal oil company heralds hanging in the garage.  (They say that oil is a “fossil” fuel, but we are inclined to disagree and posted an essay back in June on that subject.)


oil company heralds


Here is a wooden railroad herald.  The Santa Fe (technically the ATSF – Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway), a leading intermodal carrier, was bought by the Burlington Northern Railway in the mid to late 1990s.  The combined BNSF was itself bought by Warren Buffet’s group in the past couple of years.  The Santa Fe ran from Chicago to Los Angeles and had a segment that went up to the port of Richmond in the San Francisco area.


Santa Fe herald


Now, to a souvenir decorative plate commemorating the city by the bay.


San Francisco


Here is a colorful plate showing a dragon, and it rests on the mantle above the natural gas powered fireplace.


dragon 2


Let’s show some other items now.   This next photo was taken at mid-day.


chinese peach


This shot was taken late in the afternoon.  The sun’s light is coming in at a different angle.


chinese peach 3


Now, we provide 5 pics of this sectional oriental artwork.  It has designs on both sides.  In this shot, we moved it down to the mantle for closer inspection.


shade 5


Then, Lucy decided to put it on the floor and try to get some good pics free of glare from the windows.




Then, she flattened it out.


shade 4


Here, in the next 2 pictures, is the artwork on the reverse side of this sectional item.


shade 3


Now, flattened out.


shade 2


Dear readers, forgive these next 2 pics for their excessive reflections from the glass of the frames.  These are nice store bought pictures, but, we could not find an angle or location that eliminated this glaring and distorting effect.  Even so, you can get some idea that the originals are attractive.  Autumn colored leaves abound in both pictures.


blurry 2


And, our last offering for this essay.  The original here may be defective or was purposely made to distort light hitting it for some type of effect that we are not familiar with.  When we look at the original in its frame, it seems to be somewhat distorted.




Thanks for viewing.  Feel free to share this with your friends.

More picture essays to come . . . . on different subjects.

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