not so random musings

not so random musings

Greetings!  Happy Sunday (or Monday, as the case may be).

We are part dreamer and then part social critic in this essay.  Random whimsies are followed by the “red meat”.

Today, my soul is on fire.  It could be a hormonal surge of testosterone (yes!, I am a still a man).

Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – a song sung by Elton John from the (northern hemisphere) summer of 1973.  Here is a link to it – with lyrics – on YouTube.  Turn it up!

“. . . .  I may use a little muscle to get what I need. . . . . ”

We also like Jimi Hendrix (American, super guitarist and rock star, 1942 – 1970) here at larrysmusings.

The other day, on Thursday, my blood pressure was taken at a follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  The nurse aide must have taken it incorrectly.  The reading was 112 over 68.  Seriously, my blood pressure has not been that low since the age of 15 or so.

The summer of 1973.  The distant memories fondly recalled.  The sub-tropical summer heat in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Frequent thunder storms.  Ah, the teenage “crush” (infatuation) on a 17-year-old lifeguard named Faith (an older girl).  Not only did she, sun tanned, look great in her white bikini, Faith had a sweet personality.  Perhaps, we were all taken by her natural charm.  She really cared for our safety at the large neighborhood swimming pool.  Her brown hair fell freely to below her shoulders.  (I’m sure she was/is a good wife, and a good mother (by now a grandmother?).  We wish Faith all the best in life.)  Such beauty and charm inspire the poetic imagination.  Or, as Barbra Streisand sang, “Pretty women, pretty women, how they make a man sing.”

Before moving on, we share one more link (with lyrics) to a song by British rock star, Elton John..  This song was on the radio the following winter, 1973 -4.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

“Don’t discard me just because you think I mean you harm.”

Self Defense is a fundamental human right

The below photo is used with kind permission of Pam Allen, a friend on Facebook.  Pam is a Christian Native American.




US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, during her US Senate confirmation hearings (in 2010), was asked by one senator does the individual have a right to defend him/herself.  This very basic and simple question had Ms. Kagan dumbfounded, baffled or befuddled.  (A local radio station plays this sound clip periodically to poke fun at her.)  Ms. Kagan stumbles along uncomfortably with a halting, non-committal type obfuscation and basically says she has never been asked or even considered such a question.  For the average person, lacking any formal legal training, the answer to the senator’s query is a “no-brainer”.

Yet, this is the quality and competency of the individuals who are nominated to fill vacancies on the high court.  Only in America!

The Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution) does indicate that the individual has a right to his/her security.  (Common sense indicates this, too.)  The 4th and 5th amendments come into play here.  A person is to be secure in his/her person and home, and be free from unwarranted searches and seizures.  The 2nd amendment, that Obama (that enlightened scholar of the Constitution) has abject hatred for, addresses both the individual and collective right to security and self defense.  The framers did not want the central government to have a monopoly on the means of force.  (They had just lived through the American Revolution and memories of an abusive central government, that of 18th century Britain, were fresh in their minds.)  We have the benefit of historical hindsight as to their wisdom.  Consider when government does have such a monopoly.  Mao’s China – tens of millions “liquidated”.  Stalin’s Soviet Union – ditto.  As well, there are other examples.

The interested reader can see our earlier essay on self-defense for women.  And, those husbands who are not up to defending their wives and children, need to grow some (well, you know what I mean).


Those Americans who still believe that ObamaCare is a bright idea, you will be getting a poignant reality check this year and next as this monstrosity is now being phased in during 2013 and 2014.  Yes, there were and are problems with both affordability and access to health care in the US.  But, this gargantuan take over of health care by the federal government was not the answer.  The end result of ObamaCare will be (much) more expensive, poorer quality, and less available health care for all.  Don’t believe me, eh?  Just wait and see!  (And, your privacy is gone.  Any government bureaucrat geek will be able to snoop in on your medical records and your medical history.  All of them.  Ever been treated for depression?  For a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD or STI)?  Ever had an abortion?)

In our essay of Sunday, July 1, 2012, entitled something like Reflections for Independence Day (some of you may remember it), I criticized the US Supreme Court for finding that ObamaCare (the “affordable care act”) does not violate the US Constitution.  The lawsuit challenging ObamaCare had been brought to the federal courts by 26 states.  The individual mandate, requiring (actually compelling) individuals to purchase heath insurance is clearly unconstitutional.  Yet, 5 of the nine justices rubber stamped the federal government’s power grab in this area of health care.  Well, actually 4 did so.  Roberts, who must have been off his medication(s) at the time or needed an adjustment to his dosage(s), actually rewrote the law to make it pass the constitutional test.  Jurists are not to rewrite the law (that is a legislative function!), but are to interpret the law.

There are 5 individuals currently on the US Supreme Court who have no trouble with approving federal government power grabs that violate our rights.  4 of these do so on a regular basis in case after case!  But, all 5 are to be shamed here.  Call them what you will:  judicial activists, ideological radicals, social engineering wannabees, miscreants, idiots, or, perhaps, psychotics.  They are part of the problem in the US, not part of the solution.

Who is to thank or fault for this situation?  First and foremost, a US Senate that votes to confirm these individuals who have a known track record of judicial activism.  And, of course, the presidents who nominate these individuals.  Bill Clinton gave us that darling from the ACLU, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and also Stephen Breyer.  George W. Bush gave us John Roberts.  Barack Obama has given us Sonja Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.  Obama is not likely done either.  With aged justices Scalia and Kennedy possibly to retire in the next few years, more liberal gems will be put on the high court.

For me, the best justice by far is Clarence Thomas.  Read his written opinions on cases.  He gets it.  He respects the US Constitution.  The Left, needless to say, hates him with passion.

Before returning to our series of less controversial photo essays, we will post one more thematic essay (on US foreign policy with other related implications).

Best wishes to all!

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