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“You got to pay your dues

If you want to sing the blues

And you know it don’t come easy.”

Ringo Starr, 1971

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Five years ago, I read the book, Wokini – Your Personal Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding by Billy Mills with Nicholas Sparks (1990, Feather Publishing Company, Fair Oaks, CA USA, approx. 140 pages, paperbound).  Wokini from the Lakota language means new life, a life of peace and happiness.

In this essay, we present in brief summary form some of the highlights from this very insightful book.  Many of the points below are from our notes to a journal at the time.  (This is the kind of used paperback you can find in used bookstores, or even in thrift shops or at garage sales.  What a gem of a find.)

The author, Billy Mills, is an Olympic gold…

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