coffee mugs, etc. – part one

coffee mugs, etc. – part one

We continue now with our series of photo essays.  But, first, let’s share some love songs and lyrics with all of you.  Is there anything stronger than love?

From Gino Vannelli’s 1978 hit, I just wanna stop:

When I think about those nights in Montreal, I get the sweetest thoughts of you and me.

Memories of love above the city lights . . . . 

Here is a link to a beautiful video to the song:

From another song by Gino Vannelli, The Wheels of Life:

. . . . . and if I should have only one tomorrow

it’s a lifetime if I knew

I could spend that day with you.

Here is a link to a video of the song with stunning scenery:

Okay, here is a rare piece that celebrates the state we reside in.


Nevada cup 2


Another shot before moving on.  Nicknamed the Silver State, gold is currently mined in the northern part of the state.


Nevada cup


These next pieces can be used for soup or for coffee.




Another perspective.


panda 2


Let’s see some color.


3 orange cups


Another angle of a single specimen.  Less lighting creates a more subtle effect.


orange cup


A final shot.  It is more impressive with more light.


orange cup 2


Here is a nice tin that we saved as it has a nostalgic look to it.




More tins, or metal containers, we have saved and re-use (for tea).  On one side is the French (Francais), and on the other is the English label.


Hedley Tea


Now, some examples from our railfan days.


Santa Fe


Another coffee mug with a railroad theme.  BN was/is a major hauler of coal.


bn 2


A different angle with less lighting.  I did use this cup when out on contract assignments.




Now, to this colorful artifact.  Can be used for orange juice (to pour, a service for 2) , or I guess, pineapple juice.




Another shot showing the reverse side.


pineapple 4


This glass mug is rather difficult to photograph due to all the reflection(s) from its surface.  We include it here as a curio.  It is not currently used for drinking coffee or tea.


blue glass coffee mug


Another example of glassware.


coke glass


To conclude part one of this 2 part essay on coffee mugs, we offer 2 pics of this very small cup with an Arizona theme.  As these are small, they are kept merely as decorations.


2 arizona


Now, a single example.  Arizona, especially in the southern, lower elevation part of the state, gets very hot in the summer months.  But, in winter, the southern part of the state is very pleasant and mild.




Thanks for reading/viewing.

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