food and modern monoliths

food and modern monoliths

Dear readers,

Allowing myself some more much needed sleep this morning, I did not access my email until late morning (we are GMT/UTC minus 8 hours).  There were several new photos sent to me.  A well earned break from blogging was in order, but, I am a creature of duty.  So, we share these photos with you now.

Let’s start with the pics of food.

This pic is of a plate of Beef Chow Fun and Chinese Broccoli.  “Fun” refers to the wide noodles.


Beef Chow Fun and Chinese Broccoli


This next dish is of Chinese broccoli.  It looks to have been coated in either soy sauce or some other sauce.  (Personally, I like the Bok Choy more.  But, this broccoli is very good for your health.)


Chinese broccoli


Salt and pepper tofu is next.  (Not familiar with this dish.)


salt and pepper tofu


A closer view.


Salt and Pepper Tofu 2


Now, to some views of modern monoliths.  This first photo is of the buildings in the vicinity of Market Street and California Street in San Francisco (CA, USA).  Older and much newer buildings are side by side in the financial district.  The only building to survive in this part of the town from 1906’s earthquake, I think, is the Ferry Building with its clock tower (not shown).  Old St. Mary’s Church, on the border of Chinatown, may also be an earthquake survivor (not sure).  There are numerous office buildings that date from the 1920s through the 1940s still housing offices.

This blogger worked from early 1992 to September, 1993, in 50 California which is the tall white building visible just behind (and slightly to the right of) the “US Bank” building.  Also, the Embarcadero Centers are in the background.  They are simply called Embarcadero One, Embarcadero Two, etc.  A small glimpse of the bay is visible if you look carefully at the photo.


More downtown towers


More modern monoliths (built in a city that is overdue for a major temblor). The infamous San Andreas (geologic) fault, that is the boundary between the North American and the Pacific Ocean tectonic plates is west of this location by several miles.  It lies just a little offshore, west of the beaches at the coast.

A major quake here could have serious economic consequences for the world.  A  few major banks are headquartered here in San Francisco (Wells Fargo and Bank of America come to mind (but B of A has since merged with another large bank)).  As well, in the Bay Area, there are many international business, commerce, and financial transactions (including insurance and credit card) that are processed daily in the numerous corporate and government computer systems.  There are many software companies located only 25 to 50 miles (all the way to San Jose) south of the City.  If the Bay Area’s computer processing is shut down for a week, the world economy will take notice! (Fortunately, some computer systems now have backup operations located in other parts of the country.)


Downtown San Fran


It seems there is always some construction going on in “the City”.  This is a view down Beale Street just east of Mission Street (so named because of Mission San Francisco, an early Spanish Catholic mission from the late 1700s.  Did you know: California was once part of New Spain.)


urban renewal in San Fran


Best wishes to all!

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