coffee mugs, etc. – part two

coffee mugs, etc. – part two

I tapped my walking cane firmly on to the sidewalk two times.  I waited.  Then, tapped the cane on to the concrete again two times.  Nothing happened.  It was terribly disappointing that the cane did not, in a bright flash of lightning, change into a mystic mallet, and I did not transform into Thor, a Marvel Comics superhero and Norse “god” of thunder, and have long blonde locks of hair, and a mighty physique.

Not so slowly, I walked back up the driveway and opened the manual garage door.  Hurling the cane into the garage, I closed the door again.  Starting my late afternoon walk, I thought “why do such magical things only (ever) happen in fictional writing or in day dreams?”

We now return to finish up with photos of coffee mugs and other things from the kitchen.  These pictures were taken just “for the hell of it”.  There may be a few (or more) that are pleasing to the eye.

Here are the pics.  A pleasing bamboo design is on this coffee mug.


bamboo cup


This decorative coffee mug is in our home office just a couple of feet from the larrysmusings computer.  The Buddhist symbol, a wheel with 8 spokes, our Buddhist readers can help me out on.  Does it refer to the eightfold path? This cup was purchased at the Buddhist Bookstore on Octavia Street in San Francisco in the very late 1980s.  We must wrap these items well, as it has survived a number of household moves over the years.


Buddhist cup


Another view with lighting from a desk top reading lamp.


Buddhist cup 2


This ceramic artifact could be used as a sugar bowl.


sugar bowl


The view from above.


sugar bowl 4


Now, revealing the empty interior.


sugar bowl 3


Our niece, Cindy, gave this to us as a Christmas gift some years ago.  It was filled with packets of hot cocoa mix.  Now, it makes a nice decoration on the counter top near the oven.


Cindy teapot


Colorful bowl.


bowl 2


China Camp State Park is located north of San Francisco (in Marin County), on the shore of the San Francisco Bay.  This area, now a park, had been a small fishing village for Chinese fishermen in the early 1900s.  There are old wooden buildings there and old docks that are being preserved in this small state park.


China Camp


A pair of small bowls for sauces.


2 Chinese red bowls


2 interesting cups with designs on both sides.


coffee cups


The rear view of the same 2 cups.


coffee cups 2


Not sure where we picked up this cup.  May have been from a supermarket or a discount variety store.  Can be used for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.


blue cup 2


Same story for this cup.


Lucy's cup


Thanks for reading.

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