the irony is that the fear cuts both ways – part two

the irony is that the fear cuts both ways – part two

Now, that we have posted an essay on love, let us return to the topic of government and its grasping for more power over our lives.

Breaking:  While making my morning cup of green tea, over the air waves came the voice of Senator Dianne Feinstein (of California) becoming testy with a freshman senator (Cruz of Texas) over the 2nd amendment.  Ms. Feinstein said she “had been around a long time”.  Indeed, you have been, Senator.  20 years now of voting the leftist line in the US Senate.  She claimed she was fairly well educated and did not need any lecturing.  Be that as it may, Senator Feinstein proves what I am writing in these essays.  (And, personally, we prefer listening to someone like Andrea Tantaros (in her 30s) on the radio.  Freedom loving women rock!)

We will not get many likes for these essays, but we do thank those readers who are forwarding these essays on to friends who may be interested in reading them.

. . . . continuing from part one . . . .

Currently, our president, Barack Obama, is continuing this trend with even greater vigor and zest and sense of urgency.  In mid December, 2011, the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 was passed by both houses of Congress. Obama signed this bill into law on 12/31/11.  Section 1021 of this bill allowed, at the discretion of the president, for indefinite detention without trial of those suspected of involvement with terrorists (including US citizens within the US).  One of the few dissenting voices in Congress was then Representative Ron Paul.  There was an amendment in Fiscal Year 2013’s NDAA bill to limit the detention power and eliminate it for US citizens in the US.  But, the lesson is clear.  The federal government keeps trying to encroach on our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  We must not surrender our rights in exchange for assurances from government of safety and security.

You can see a bit more about the latest NDAA bill here:

President Obama, tragically for freedom loving Americans, is a man who filters everything he sees through a Leftist lens or prism.  He is incapable of doing otherwise.  His Leftist policy positions and goals are diametrically opposed to our constitutional rights and freedoms.  President Obama wants to “transform” the US, but he was elected to be president, not emperor, nor dictator, nor despot.  (As well, these “workers’ paradises”, bitter fruits of the Left, have been much, much closer to hell on earth.)

Why has the US government procured, in the past year or two, one and one half billion bullets?  (We are assuming the numerous reports of this in the past several weeks are accurate.)  That is 1,500.000,000 rounds of ammo!  Put in perspective, that is 5 bullets for each and every man, woman and child in these United States.  What (legitimate) need has the central government for such massive quantities of ammunition?

To put that in perspective on an individual household level, consider that if Lucy and I, as current gun owners, had on hand stocks of ammunition in quantities that out of proportion to our needs, such ammunition would be stacked in its cartons from floor to ceiling in every square foot of every room in our house, and we would, of necessity, be sleeping outside in a tent in the backyard.  (Romantic or not, this is not a bright idea during the winter at our elevation above sea level.)

Are those in government expecting and preparing for civil or social unrest in these United States?  (We saw much such unrest in the 1960s.)

We applaud Mr. Rand Paul, US Senator from the state of Kentucky, for his efforts last week in the US Senate to get a much needed answer from the administration.  Is it lawful to use these robotic “drones” to kill US citizens on US soil?  A very disturbing possibility, indeed.  A haughty, power hungry, central government – that (effectively) does not answer to anyone – having the ability to strike lethally from the air at anyone it asserts is a terrorist should outrage all of us.  Will its opponents, one day, be defined or classified as “terrorists”, and then treated as such?

(Then we had the spectacle last week of an aged, infirm, impotent, and possibly suffering dementia, and very bitter man, who must have been off his “meds”, taking sarcastic, verbal shots at Mr. Paul.  I am referring, of course, to Senator John McCain of Arizona.  He was upset that the nation was responding favorably to Senator Paul’s courageous efforts, and that the media spotlight was not on himself.  Pathetic.  Such joyless individuals, who are too old to make love, are too old for public service and ought to retire.)

As well, the increasing and passionate (even shrill) rhetoric for disarming law-abiding US citizens is cause for righteous anger.  (This is also happening outside of Washington as some state legislatures, most notably in Colorado, are now considering enacting new state laws that restrict gun ownership.)

Let me ask you (well-meaning) liberals among our readers 2 questions.

Are law-abiding gun owning Americans committing the violent crimes in this country?

Are law-abiding gun owning Americans a threat to your constitutional rights and freedoms?

Au contraire!!  It is your law-abiding, gun owning neighbors, and the several tens of millions of others like them across this country, that are your last hope for retaining any of your rights and freedoms!  We have a rapacious central government that is like a hungry, half-crazed wild beast (or pack of them) that has escaped from its cage and is roaming and ravaging the land.

Just remember that history instructs (informs) us that:the government that takes your rights away from you will not be the government that gives, or restores, those rights back to you.  And, the lessons from history, dear readers, are relevant as human nature has not changed over the millenia!

The great, but often overlooked, thing about the first and second amendments is this: you do not have to exercise them.  If you choose not to exercise your right to free speech, you can keep your silence.  If you do not want to own a gun, you are free not to.  But, please respect the right of others to exercise their rights to speak out and to own guns.

Another way of viewing those in government who continually act to expand the power and reach of government into our lives is to see them as elementary school yard bullies.  You rarely can reason with bullies.  Pleading, cajoling, shaming fail to induce them to stop their bullying of others.  Many times, the bullying behavior does not stop until someone steps up and bloodies the bully’s nose and/or mouth.  (Sad, but often true.)

. . . . end of part two . . . . 

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