in memoriam (a sorrowful anniversary) and some pictures

in memoriam (a sorrowful anniversary) and some pictures

Everyone needs to love – and to be loved.

This past weekend marked a painful, sorrowful anniversary.  It is now 5 years since we lost a good friend to the cruel hand of death.  This friend died much too young (from a rare form of fast moving cancer).  We hope (and pray) that Jenna is in a better world now.  She experienced much suffering in this one.

Those we have lost live on, in a sense, in our hearts.

Let us value our friends and loved ones today, for we can never know how many tomorrows they, or we, may have.

Let’s not wait until we lose a loved one to honor that person.  Let us show our appreciation today.

As well, be sure to make the most of each and every day, as difficult as that can be.  We recall a few of the words from the 1969 song, by The Guess Who (a Canadian rock group of the late 1960s and early 1970s), Laughing.

Time goes slowly, but carries on

And now the best years, the best years have come and gone


Now, we share some random pictures.

Late winter turning to an early spring (in northern California) now . . . .


spring blossomes


From a casual trip to a pastry shop.


apple tarts


Another pic from the pastry shop.


various desserts


Victorian style homes in San Francisco framed by a deep blue sky.


victorian homes in San Fran


A typical street scene in the western Sunset district.  Also known locally as “The Avenues” as the north – south streets are all numbered avenues.  Here is a pic from a day without fog or “overcast”.  (In the US, we drive on the right side of the road.)  From the location of the afternoon shadows on the pavement, you can tell which direction the photographer was facing.


street in the Sunset


A plant with purple flowers on the side of a stucco house.


plant with purple blooms


A dragon decoration at a recent event.


dragon 4


Thanks for reading.  And, kindly, refer one friend to our blog site.

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