the irony is that the fear cuts both ways – part three

the irony is that the fear cuts both ways – part three

Now, we return to the topic of government and its incessant grasping for more power over our lives.

We will not get many likes for these essays, but we do thank those readers who are forwarding these essays on to friends who may be interested in reading them.

. . . . continuing from part two . . . .

Since Obama and his political allies and enablers, Reid and Pelosi, etc., are of the Left, we offer these observations about the Left.  It seeks to achieve its ends by any and all means. (20th century history gives ample evidence of that.)  This includes using anti-democratic means to achieve its goals.  Ramming through the Congress a 2,700 page bill (which with its individual mandate – which compels participation – was clearly in violation of the Constitution) that had not been read, much less seriously debated by lawmakers – all the while that letters, emails, faxes, phone calls, and, yes, even telegrams, were flooding into Capitol Hill showing that a clear majority of the people did not want ObamaCare passed – is an example of the contempt these leftists have for the true democratic process.  Need more?  This “law” was challenged in the federal courts by 26 (of the 50) states.  When the case finally reached the US Supreme Court, the Left raised its odious, leprous, viscerally revolting head again.  Judicial activists (social engineering wannabees) voted to uphold the law as not violating the US Constitution!  (4 of the 5 justices so voting are hard-core ideological leftists.  The fifth, Roberts, appears to be mentally unhinged.  See our essay of 3 March 2013, “not so random musings”.)

Last July, we wrote of how to have a cohesive, yet diverse society.  In that essay (filed under the subject category “Society” on the blog site and posted on July 14, 2012), we noted the divide and conquer strategem that the Left uses to reduce or weaken any effective opposition to its inexorable drive for power.  While we bicker amongst ourselves (often over petty differences), the Left stealthily and steadily acquires more power.  The Left is an enemy – of true freedom and of human rights – that never rests.

Who really are the control freaks?

The Left is dishonest.  Sometimes, even comically, ludicrously so.  Here is another anecdote from the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in the early days of September, 2005.  (I so clearly remember this remark from a leftist lady reporter as it was replayed many times on many radio talk shows for the next few weeks.)  While reporting on what every honest (and sane) person would call looting of property (these looters were grabbing and making off with flat screen TVs, not food nor medicines), this woman said this of the looters: “we see individuals engaged (involved) in humanitarian self-help efforts.”  That is an example of the “honesty” of the Left.

ObamaCare is actually called something like “The Affordable Care Act”.  This is so despite the fact that it has already served to raise health insurance premiums significantly even though it is not fully implemented yet!  More truth and transparency from the Left.  Once fully in place, the cost of visiting the doctor’s office and of any medical treatments will rise not insignificantly.

We also note that in earlier essays we mentioned an out of control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that issues arbitrary regulations that prevent responsible development of our nation’s natural resources.  And, there was the essay on the recent talk among politicos in Washington of possibly seizing financial assets (retirement accounts) from citizens.  The Left hates property rights.

Dear readers, I take no pleasure in typing the above words, but the current threat to our freedoms (read: rights) is real.

conclusions and recommendations

In the not too distant future, we may hear these words:

“You’re a federal prisoner now.  The rules are simple.  You do what you’re told, when you’re told to do it.”

“But, what about my constitutional rights?”

“You have none at this time.  The US Constitution has been suspended indefinitely (by executive order #11753, part two, section 3, sub paragraph “f”) due to the nature of the current national emergency.  Now, GET MOVING.”

We are now seeing the foreshadowing of this scenario in the US.

This is no joke. This is no bull crap. This is very serious.

I would not mind chatting over tea or a drink of quality whiskey with any of you (even those who disagree with me passionately).  But, I really would not want to meet any of you in a government interment camp or a federal holding pen.  Do not delude yourself into thinking it cannot happen here.

This imminent threat to our freedoms and way of life impacts each of us in the US.  All of us – women, men, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, young, old, rich, poor, gay, and straight, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or atheist, etc. – need to fight against this common threat.

The ship is sinking, and there are not many lifeboats available.  (We noted this in our “lifeboat” essay of last 28 June.)  We better fight to save the ship.  There really are not any other viable alternatives!

This crisis is upon us now.  This is not something that our children or our grandchildren will be dealing with 10 or 20 or 30 years in the future.  This collective struggle to keep our rights will be won or lost over the next few years.

Apathy, and its close relative, ignorance, as comfortable as these may be for you, are no virtues.

And, I’ll tell you this: this servile acceptance of – or acquiescence to – this over reaching government’s anti-freedom agenda is not for me, nor for any person with an ounce of self-respect!!

We, Americans, need to get up off our collective asses, and tell these government bureaucrats and politicians and judges: “No (insert expletive of your choice) more!!”

Enough of the beer swilling, enough of the recreational drug use (and maybe we better get off of some or all of the tranquilizing “meds”, too!), enough of the potato chips, the TV and its remote control, etc.  This is no joke!  It is an ugly, unpleasant reality, that we can no longer choose to ignore.

Below, are some actions that all Americans can take.  We’re not asking (or expecting) you to be heroes.  Heroes are rare.  But heroes, and heroines, do emerge in every struggle.  Remember, there is strength in numbers – if we all get involved.  This is the time that all freedom loving, honest and decent Americans need to get on the same page.


1. Go to the rallies in your area supporting our constitutional rights.

2. Attend the town hall meetings with your elected officials (both federal and state).  Tell them you will not sit back and let them take our rights away.  We will vote them out of office in the next election.  (They need to hear this.)  Take a friend or relative with you.

3. Meet with the police officers that you know through family and friends.  Ask them what they will do if they receive an unlawful order to disarm law-abiding citizens.  Do it now. (Events are moving quickly.)  More and more law enforcement agencies are coming out and saying that they will not attempt to enforce such an order.  Where does your police or sheriff’s department stand?

4. Consider buying a firearm and taking a gun safety course.  This applies to both men and women.  (Ladies are referred to our earlier essay on Self-Defense for Women posted on August 7, 2012.)  There may come a time, when you will wish that you had purchased a firearm for your self-defense.  Not having one when one is needed can be the difference between life and death.

5. Instruct your children in the virtues of self-reliance and self-sacrifice (and not dependence upon government programs).  Set a good example for them.

6. Do not let ignorant and apathetic friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors or fellow parishioners deter or dissuade you from doing what you know is right.  Doing the right thing is often unpopular in the short run.

7. Vote against anyone, regardless of party affiliation, who has voted for the expansion of government.  This applies to the state and local (county and municipal) levels as well.  If you have to, vote for minor party candidates or write in a candidate.  Voting for the lesser of two great evils (our current Democrats and Republicans), is still voting for an evil!

I bet that you can think of even more actions that we all can take to contain the beast (of out of control government).

We share again this photo, courtesy of Pam Allen.  It tells an important truth.  (Freedom loving women rock!)




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