health risk with (oral) sex – put in proper perspective

health risk with (oral) sex – put in proper perspective

In a recent nightmare, I turned back the torn flesh of my wounded upper arm and saw revealed various colored wires, circuits and relays.  What is it to be human?  Was I a hybrid or composite being?  Had the aliens done this to me?  Fortunately, for my sanity, I woke up and realized it was all just a terrible dream.

Now, to our essay.

This one of those “all or nothing” type essays.  We encourage you to read the entire essay so as to gain the maximum and full benefit from its contents.  If you cop out and quit because you do not like what you are reading, that is your choice.  We did our job.

Re: throat cancer.  Liberals and conservatives are going to be angry with this essay.  Over the past 10 months of blogging, we have taken on several issues that many folks are often reluctant to think about much less discuss openly.

There have been some concerns about (the risk of) throat cancer in women being caused by performing oral sex on a man (fellatio).  Please note: it is not that the act of fellatio, by itself, poses such risks.  The concern has to do with various strains of the HPV being contracted through oral sex and then increasing the risk of oropharyngeal cancers.

From The Atlantic article linked to at bottom, we have this definition.

“Oropharyngeal cancers refer to tumors of the tonsils and rear tongue, back of the palate and posterior walls of the throat.”

We include several links to helpful information available online below.

We are now hearing that HPV (there are many strains of this virus) is more widespread in the US population than most people realize.  This is a serious health risk.  There is much concern with women being infected.  Heterosexual men contract the strains of HPV from infected women in intercourse, and are thus able to infect future female sex partners (either vaginally and/or orally).  And, men appear to be significantly more susceptible to contracting HPV when they perform oral sex on their female partners than women are when they perform oral sex (fellatio).  Currently, there is no approved reliable test for men to determine if they have strains of HPV.

Ladies, do not assume that if you had the Gardasil inoculations you are safe or risk free. There is controversy as to its effectiveness and safety (see links below).  It may not protect you against all the carcinogenic strains (for either cervical, or oropharyngeal cancers).  Merck, the pharmaceutical giant, aggressively marketed this vaccine to mothers for their young daughters – possibly in the belief or assumption that young girls and young women are incapable of saying no to sex (victims of peer pressure, and a strong libido (or perhaps “libida” in the feminine)).  Of course, the profit motive is a major factor also.

As well, condoms are not a panacea.  These are not always used by singles when having sex.  Condoms also “break”, really tear, not infrequently and the latex in some brands is somewhat porous at a microscopic level and thus some viruses are small enough to get through the walls of the condom.  Also, condoms do not cover all the skin that can transmit the HP virus in the genital area.  The safety condoms provide has been exaggerated.

But the issue is far larger than just the possibility of getting throat cancer. Granted, not very many “sexually active” women (or men) are going to get oropharyngeal cancers.  An increased risk of such cancer does not guarantee that you will get cancer. However, if you are having sex (vaginal, oral, anal) with many different partners over time you are in effect having sex with all of their previous partners as well.  You are exposing yourself to all the STIs (sexually transmitted infections) out there including, but not limited to, viral hepatitis, chlamydia, herpes and HIV.  (Many STIs can be and are transmitted through oral sex.)  As well, some strains of the HPV cause those nasty genital warts.  There are undeniable emotional costs to such behavior (promiscuous sex).  The risk of unplanned pregnancy is present, too.

Let us interject here and stress that we are certainly not against oral sex per se.  Au contraire!  Within a loving marriage, oral play can be – and is – a very intimate (and thus bonding), exciting and vibrant practice for the spouses.  If you are both free of HPV and all other STIs, then oral sex is absolutely 100% safe and ought to be enjoyed as part of your marital lovemaking.  See our earlier essay:

But, we do believe that it is best for many reasons to keep sex within marriage.  And, in marriage, the lovemaking should be frequent, passionate, playful and mutually pleasurable!  (You will have many years of loving sex in your marriage.)  You can make it 100% safe for your (future) spouse and for yourself by refraining from sex outside of marriage.  (This assumes, of course, that your future spouse is like-minded on this, and has also refrained from promiscuous sex.  Honest and sincere communication is appropriate here.)  We know that it is a real world and that is asking a lot, but there are many benefits from not engaging in promiscuous sex.  (As well, we have written about the problems caused by the artificially prolonged adolescence in the USA, including the delayed age of marriage.  See our essay on this from July, 2012 in the monthly archives on the right side bar of the blog site home page.)

Young and single?  Be countercultural!  Do not be promiscuous.  This applies to men as well as to young women.

And, young women, if your guy friend(s) is only interested in having sex with you – he’s really not very interested in you, the person!  If you feel you have to go to bed with him – before you even really know each other – just so that he will keep dating you, that brings yet another risk into playYou may greatly enjoy the sex with him and that may blind you to the very real possibility that outside of the good sex, you actually do not have common interests, goals and values with him.  (This can also happen in the man’s thinking.  I am speaking here from personal experiences in my early adult life.)

Please forward this essay on to any (and all) young women and men (friends, classmates, and relatives) that you know, as they need to consider this.  Even if they already know many of the above facts, they need to take these facts seriously; and some young people will be receptive to the message here.  (They may one day thank you  for caring about them.)  HPV infections are soaring in the USA.  STIs are very prevalent today.  It is no exaggeration to say that STIs are at epidemic levels in the US and in many other countries.

Here are links to some relevant essays on our blog and at external sources.

For several more relevant links, click this essay:

Now for the external sources.

STIs that can destroy one’s health in the long-term.  Viral Hepatitis can be and is spread through promiscuous sex.

For the article from The Atlantic:

An article from a medical site (that is pro Gardasil vaccination):

Study Cites Increase in Cancers From HPV – from the New York Times website (this article is also pro vaccination and recommends boys also get the shots):

Now for articles and websites that are opposed to the Gardasil vaccine regimen for safety reasons.

Scroll down to the text on this next web page.  As well, vaccines are loaded with heavy metals and other toxic chemical compounds.  (That is why we never get the flu shot and rarely even get a head cold much less the flu.)

Next, a site dedicated to exposing the dangers of Gardasil.  Once on the site, check the right side bar for pages on this site for more information.

Sadly, a memorial page for those young women and girls who have died following Gardasil inoculations.

Thanks for reading and caring enough to share this with those who need to read it!

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