why one stops asking “why”

why one stops asking “why”

The below curio was purchased at Wal-Mart and was made in China.  Perhaps it can land on the water.  The wood grain is nice to see.  The helicopter’s blade does freely rotate when nudged by a finger.




As to some issues in life . . . .  You get to the point in your life’s journey where – from your experiences and your reflections on these life experiences – you realize that the possible answers to the why-type queries will not help you, will not be satisfying nor very useful.  You come to this conclusion both rationally and intuitively.  Then you no longer care for questions of the “why” variety.  This realization may come on gradually over years, or it may, for a few, hit you in a sudden flash of mental inspiration or insight.

Once this happens, you are content to sit on your back porch and watch the stars come out on a spring or summer evening as you are sipping iced tea, lemonade, or fine whiskey (or, for some, enjoying a cold beer).  You might even be humming or singing a rock-n-roll song. You may or may not need insect repellant.

Tomorrow’s another day – but for now, let us enjoy the present moment.


I so clearly remember having to turn the desk 90 degrees to the left and then placing my right leg through the side of the desk before sitting down to take an essay test in college (late 1970s).  All the desks were for right-handed individuals.  Yet, about 10 per cent of us are left-handed.  (This was years before diversity awareness and sensitivity training and class action lawsuits were in vogue.)  So as not to disturb my fellow comrade students, I usually sat in the back of the room.

Did this physical inconvenience affect my exam performance?  No, as my preparation for both mid-term and final exams always began on the first day of the semester.

Now, we share a few colorful pics with you.

This decorative ceramic was manufactured in Viet Nam.




Here are some small flags layed out on the carpet.  We see the national flags of Mongolia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and India (clockwise from upper left).




Where have we seen this flag with the dragon before?


flags 2


One last view.  Simply could not resist sharing it.


flags 3


Thanks for reading.

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