curios and artifacts around the house – part one

curios and artifacts around the house – part one

Greetings everyone!

As we are busy working on a trio of thematic essays, we will offer this short pictorial essay for your viewing pleasure.  The thematic essays to come are not on politics and therefore may be of interest to more readers.  We will try to keep them from becoming too long, but we still need to do justice to the subject matter.  There are always trade-offs.  But, the writing is its own reward.  (If you, dear readers, knew of the efforts and the mental anguish that go into some of these essays, you might ask: why does he write them?)

This series on curios found around our house will have to be continued at a later time, but for now, enjoy this first installment.

The below images are of a work of art made by using sand of different colors.  The label on the bottom says “Hand made by a Northern Arizona Artist”.  This may have been made by a Native American as there is a very large Navajo Indian Reservation in northern Arizona. Making this by hand required much patience and skill.  This item was acquired some years ago when I was both poor in finances and poor in spirit.  And, yes, we found it in a thrift store, likely a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.

Here are several views of this sand “painting” as the scenery changes as you rotate the round glass “frame” of the art work.  We have ordered the pics in proper sequence as though you were rotating this object counter-clockwise.  (There are 2 unrelated bonus images at bottom.)


sand painting 1


Note in some of these images there is the sense of depth such that the small hills do appear to be in the distance.


sand painting 5


In many parts of the American desert, you can see a wide range of colors in the landscape.  This has to do with the differing concentrations of the various metals contained in the sandstones and the limestones.  As well, different angles of the sun can enhance the various shades and tints in the scenery.  Early morning in the summer, with a low angle sun, is a good time to enjoy the beauty found in deserts around the world.

Here is the next view as we continue to rotate this object.


sand painting 2


Another view.  A rubber stamp resting on an ink pad in the left of this photo.


sand painting 3


The last view as we have nearly come around full circle.


sand painting 4


Here are 2 shots from a visit to the plant nursery at Home Depot this past weekend.  (Photos were taken by Lucy.)


red plants


Baby cacti – how cute!


baby cacti


Thanks for reading.  Best wishes to all!

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