forced prostitution and human trafficking needs to be stopped

forced prostitution and human trafficking needs to be stopped

On the TV news this past weekend while visiting San Francisco, we heard of the continuing efforts of the local authorities to reduce, if not eliminate, child and forced prostitution in this American city.  Forced prostitution and human trafficking has been a problem in San Francisco for many years.  Many teenage girls are brought into the country illegally, with false promises of jobs, by criminals for the purpose of forcing them into prostitution.  So, in addition to teenage runaways from other parts of the US, there are young women and girls from Asia and Latin America in the city’s brothels.  This is a major problem in many US cities.

To reduce, and hopefully eliminate this scourge one day, both sides of the economic equation have to be attacked.  The city authorities in the news story were trying to do just that.  Brothels were being shut down, and the demand side was attacked by placing penalties on the paying customers.  (There is something very troubling about middle-aged men wanting to have sex with teenaged girls.)

We include some helpful links on this topic.  This terrible evil that destroys so many young lives has to be stopped.  We must put some serious effort into combatting this evil.

For information on this worldwide human rights abuse, visit this first website.

For some information on human trafficking in the US, click below.

Here is 42 minute documentary on US child sex trafficking:

The below link is to one of our earliest essays.

Thank you for reading.  If you can, get involved, even in a small way.  Let’s work to end this scourge.

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