what is happening right now

what is happening right now

. . . . . this very second . . . . .


an energetic object 2


. . . . atomic nuclei are being fused in the nuclear furnaces we call stars (Hydrogen is fused to helium, and when the hydrogen is all used up, the helium is then fused into heavier elements such as carbon, oxygen, silicon, and iron.  Elements heavier than iron are fused in the violent death throes of stars.) . . . .  blue super giants are blasting out much of their energy in the ultraviolet and in x-rays (thus life as we know it cannot exist on a planet circling a blue super giant; as well these fast burning stars exhaust their fuel and end their lives (violently) in only 50 to 100 million years) . . . . butterflies are floating on the air currents in many parts of the world . . . . mothers are tucking in their children for sleep . . . . humans and animals are exhaling carbon dioxide that the plants then take up . . . . plants and trees are expelling their “waste” product, molecular oxygen . . . .  a minor earthquake is occurring . . . . bees are pollinating flowers . . . . a bartender (man or woman) is mixing a drink for a patron . . . . the lizards are having their lunch of red ants in the backyard . . . . someone is reading these words . . . . comets are streaking through the void of space in many different star systems . . . . an undersea volcano is pushing out lava . . . . ice is melting in Greenland . . . . the ice sheets in the Antarctic are growing . . . . lightning is striking the earth in several, separate and distant places . . . . the sun is rising somewhere . . . . the sun is setting elsewhere . . . . water is evaporating from the oceans . . . . elsewhere the water is returning to the earth as rain and snow . . . . across all 24 time zones people are working, sleeping, eating, loving, etc. . . . . humans are being born, are dying, are killing and maiming, are suffering . . . .

Enough – you get the idea.

All of this will continue, second after second, year after year, long after all of us have served out our life sentences on this tiny speck of dust in an out-of-the-way region of one of the spiral arms of our galaxy.

Actually it is better that we do not have such an expanded consciousness (or awareness) of everything that is going on in the material universe right now.  One’s consciousness has to be much more narrowly focused to ensure biological survival (keeping body and soul together).

From the words of the song, Freewill, by the Canadian group, Rush, we have:

“Each of us

A cell of awareness

Imperfect and incomplete” 

But, there is a Supreme Consciousness that is aware of all that is happening in real-time everywhere.  In the Vedic philosophy of India, God not only permeates and sustains His creation (the material universe), He also transcends this creation.  He has a supremely transcendant personality.  And, even if we are in a state of denial or ignorance about this, we, the finite spiritual monads (soul, atman, jiva, etc. – call it what you will), are craving reunion with the Supreme Soul, the Infinite Consciousness.

As we have already addressed this issue in several prior essays (in June, July, and August of last year and periodically since then), the interested reader is encouraged to enter terms such as “Vedic” or “Krishna” or “transcendant” in the search box on the blog site for more essays that may be of interest.  Or, alternatively, look under the category, Religion – eastern.

The thoughts for this essay came to me while I was driving through the mountains and listening (and jamming) to some old cassettes of the music of Chicago, Santana, etc.

Here is a link to one of the better love songs from the musical group, Chicago.


Next essay, let’s take a walk in the park.

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