a visit to the academy of science

a visit to the academy of science

Let’s post one pictorial essay and then one thematic essay each week for the next 2 weeks.

As some college students are in final exams this week (Spring semester), we wish you well on your exams and your upcoming break from school.  Some colleges had their exams last week.

Here are some photos (just a sampling and in no particular order) from the California Academy of Sciences in the park in San Francisco.  This building has different levels with various exhibits mainly on science but with a few on culture.  A visitor gets to see much animal and plant life – living examples.  There is also a planetarium inside that has video shows during the day.  As picture taking was not allowed in the planetarium, we have no images to share with you.

It was an enjoyable couple of hours we spent there on 28 April.  Clearly worth the price of admission.

Here is the link to the academy’s website for those interested in learning more.  The website is well done, very informative, and worth visiting.


Here is a large globe of the Earth showing tectonic plate boundaries.




Here is a fossilized T Rex skeleton that greets you just inside the entrance.


T Rex fossil


Another view of this fossil.  Children around the world are always fascinated by these mega sized reptiles (lizards).


fossil 2


This pic (below) is of a display on the ground floor wall that traces the history of life on Earth.  Scorpions have been around a long time!


early life


Now to a living exhibit.  There is an enclosed tropical rainforest exhibit that you walk through on a circular, ascending path.  In addition to living plants and trees, you see birds, many colorful butterflies, and the occasional tree snake and some frogs.  Butterflies, both large and small, will fly right by you at very close range.  Here we combine 2 photos – in the lower one, Lucy caught this butterfly at rest nearly within arm’s length.


bird and butterfly


Now to a cultural exhibit.  Here are some examples of beautiful Native American pottery from the US Southwest.


more art from the southwest


More pottery.


Native American art


The last sampling.


Native American pottery


Animals from the African savannah.  At the end of this wing of the building, there was a live exhibit with penguins.


African wildlife


Another example.


more African wildlife


One more.


more wildlife


A giraffe is located near the gift store.




Giant ostriches.


giant ostriches


An oversized flower from Borneo.


oversized flower from Indonesia


Suspended above the globe is this fossil of a marine dinosaur (with an elongated jaw).


marine dinosaur fossil


The academy’s aquarium is always popular with visitors.




A colorful star fish.


Star Fish


This last pic is of various jelly fish.


sea life


Best wishes to all!!  If you keep reading – I will continue writing.

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