the young and the future

the young and the future

Yes, the world is a mess.  And, it is worse now than before in many ways.  Significantly worse.

Read through this essay, take the few minutes to read this and then think about it.

(What we write below about the US also applies to the situation in Europe.  Socialist policies in Europe for the past several decades have doomed Europe to an economic demise that cannot be reversed.  As well, because Europeans do not have children – they are below replacement levels of child bearing in all the countries of Europe – they have opted for allowing immigration from non-Western nations into Europe.  European culture cannot survive this.  It is no exaggeration to say that Europe has chosen cultural suicide.)

We do feel badly for the young people currently trying to start their working careers and begin families.  And, I can empathize with what they are enduring.  In addition to the US being in the latter stages of social decay (thanks in no small part to Leftist social engineering since the mid 1960s, and the fact that short-sighted and self-centered individual actions collectively, in the aggregate, do much damage to society’s social fabric), our economy is on life support with a diagnosis that it has a terminal disease.

I lived through the Carter-Reagan-Volcker (then chairman of the Federal Reserve) recession of the early 1980s.  The years 1981 – 1983 were very bad for getting jobs.  I took jobs that barely required a high school diploma even though I had a Bachelor of Science degree at the time.  Late in 1983, hiring picked up and in 1984 millions of jobs were created by a strong and growing US (market driven) economy.  The high levels of unemployment and underemployment were prolonged by Reagan’s and Volcker’s desire to “wring inflation out of the economy” by keeping interest rates very high into the mid 1980s.

Today, the Bush-Greenspan-Obama recession is several years old.  It began in late 2007 – nearly a year before the financial collapse in late 2008.  Millions of jobs have been lost and those jobs have not been replaced as net job creation is virtually zero in the US economy. Obama’s policies are preventing the recovery of the US economy (as did Franklin Roosevelt’s failed “New Deal” of the 1930s).  Faced with higher taxes, threats of more higher taxes in the future, almost daily issuance of more regulations by such federal government agencies as the EPA, and the very expensive and onerous requirements of Obama Care (really ought to be termed Pelosi Care as it was her staff that wrote the bill, and it was she who rammed the Senate’s version of the same bill through the House of Representatives by the narrowest of margins), businesses, large and small, cannot grow and expand and thus cannot hire more employees.  New ventures face a much more difficult environment in which to try to succeed in than in past decades.  So, things are not going to get better any time soon.

You, the young, did not ask for this sorry state of affairs, and, yes, you deserve better.  But, the reality is clear and inescapable.  What kind of world will you make it – for yourselves, and for your children?

Many young people voted for the continuation of the corrupt Obama regime.  The irony is that Obama and his policies are robbing you of your future.  And, yes, the alternative was not that good.  As I have written before, we have 2 corrupt major political parties in the US and they both need to be thrown out of power.  (Obama is a Pied Piper.  He is a charlatan.  This is not Larry’s opinion.  Everywhere on the planet this statist, Leftist nonsense has been tried it has only ever increased human misery and reduced human freedom.)

Wake up to the urgency of the situation.  These problems are only getting worse.  We cannot simply ignore the challenges we are confronted with.

Recognize that the biggest threat to us is coming from our own power hungry government.

Get involved now.  Sacrifices, courage and character strengths are needed now more than ever.

You, the young women and young men, will play a very critical role in shaping the future.  This is a tremendous responsibility, but it is also an opportunity.  Your payback to the old who have dumped these problems on you is to reject their failed approaches and by your actions tell history that you are the generation that got it right!  More of the same will not do.  We won’t reinforce failure or double down on a losing bet.  We cannot afford to.  (Do you really think someone like Nancy Pelosi (in her 70s now?) really cares about the damage she has done and is doing to the future of the country?  She gives no evidence whatsoever of having a functioning conscience.)

Do not let the challenges and struggles that come your way over the coming years drain you of hope and optimism and kindness.

Teach your children well.

Let me share something with you.  When I was in high school, we had an old (in his 60s) religious who one year taught us an ethics class.  Brother Charles said this to us one morning: “If you love, expect to be hurt.”  He was not trying to discourage us or to dissuade us from being loving human beings.  He was giving us teenagers a reality check.  It is an unloving world.  And, it always has been, sorry to say.  Humans (both males and females) are born with a flawed, if not a “fallen”, nature.  But, they can be taught the good. Children need parents that care enough to teach them how to live a constructive life.  Stable families are very important.

I guess the corollary to the above might run something like this:  If you do not care, you won’t likely be hurt.  But, that is a hellish way to live one’s life.  In my view, it is better to care, to love, even if you suffer more hurts and disappointments over the course of your life by doing so.

Thanks for reading.

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