some pictures

some pictures

Greetings!  And, welcome to our second year of blogging.

As some readers like the picture essays, we offer several photos here.

A tour bus with open air upper deck.


big bus


Fresh fruit – apricots.




More fresh produce.  Not genetically modified.


fresh produce


This is not a domed basilica or church.  We could call this building “government house”.  Most folks refer to it as City Hall – in San Francisco.


city hall 2


A view of the periphery of the financial district from a moving vehicle on the upper level of the Bay Bridge driving into San Francisco.  Photo was taken through the glass window of the car.  Suspension cables of bridge are visible.


periphery of downtown SF


A different view of the City Hall area.


city hall area 2


An early morning view in late May.  Note the shadows as the view is with the sun behind the picture taker.


Lucy at City Hall


This time a view through a glass window in one of the buildings in the City Hall area.


city hall 4


Our updated blog site header.




Thanks for reading.

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