curios and artifacts around the house – part three

curios and artifacts around the house – part three

Greetings to our dear friends in Asia, and around the world.

It is getting hot here now.  100 degrees Farenheit (38 C) for the next few days at least.  Most years we do not see such high temperatures here in this desolate, high elevation desert until the end of the month (June). Fortunately, the humidity is usually low.

Here are 10 photos for your viewing enjoyment.

This hand carved elephant is imported from Thailand.




Let’s stand him/her up and take a look at both sides of this wood carving.



elephant 4


Now, the other side.  This appears to be a crisper, sharper image.


elephant 3


The Thai tea had a rather unique, strong flavor and was of a deep brown color.  It was not sweet.  (Rice from Thailand is usually good quality and is sold in some grocery stores in the western US.)


Thai tea


In this next photo, we see replicas of ancient Chinese funerary urns.  (It is very difficult to keep the dust to a minimum in our house.  Dust is clearly visible in this image.  We do need to clean up the dust more often.)




These next 3 pics feature martial arts weapons.  The 2 section rod is also known as “nun-chaku”.  There is even a 3 section rod which requires even more training to become proficient at using.  These are not toys.  The hard wood of the rods, at high velocity, is quite capable of breaking bones in the face or breaking ribs in the torso.  One must be very careful when training with these weapons especially in the beginning.  Gaining proficiency is more difficult than you might think.  Bruce Lee made using these appear easy in his movies, but he no doubt had done much training with them.

Here are the sleeves (or sheaths) that the rods are stored in.


2 section rod sheaths


Next, we see the 2 pairs (one set does have longer rods).  The longer pair was more difficult to train with.


2 section rods 3


In the next image, we see a homemade 2 section rod in addition to the purchased ones.


2 section rods


A few silk neck ties from the days prior to “business casual” office attire.  I did receive a few compliments on some of the many ties I wore.  The purple one below seemed to be the most popular.


silk ties


A different view.


silk ties 2


Best wishes to all.

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