curios and artifacts around the house – part two

curios and artifacts around the house – part two

There really is no heavy reason for this essay.  Its sole purpose is to amuse.  Part one was posted back on 15 April.  Part three we may issue later today.

This ceramic may have been inspired by the megalithic stone heads on Easter Island (so named because it was “discovered” by Europeans on Easter Sunday in 1722).  One legend has it that these heads weighing many tons walked from the quarries where they were sculpted to their resting places across the island.


aku aku


A closer view of this curio.


aku aku 3


Here is a replica of a carved and painted African mask.


mask 5


Another view.  An impressive work of art.


mask 6


Leftovers from Halloweens past.  I would don the red demon mask when I handed out candy to the neighborhood children on October 31.




Must have hiccupped when I took this shot.  This whiskey shot glass has a Halloween motif.  The glass could also be used for a small candle.




We do not smoke but this ceramic ash tray is beautiful in its (zen like) simplicity.  Don’t  you agree?


ash tray


Siberian tiger.  Note the adaption of the animal’s coat to blend in with the surrounding taiga.  She is placed on the headboard of our bed and protects us.  (We are so primitive at times.)


tiger 2


Thanks for reading or viewing.  We’ll do more.

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