some dishes in Puerto Vallarta

some dishes in Puerto Vallarta


We offer some photographs from Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.  Lucy, my wife, just returned from a mini vacation of a few days there.  Enjoy!

Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing.  We will post another essay with nice pics of the resort and beach, etc. in the near future.

The international airport in Mexico.




A chef in the resort preparing some food.  Posing for photographs was not in his job description was it?


a chef


An open air cookout near the beach at the resort hotel.


cookout at beach


Another view.




Before getting to the food – sorry to be teasing you – one must not forget the beverages.  Dos Equis (2 Xs) makes 2 good beers that I am aware of.  One is in a brown colored bottle and is the Amber beer.  It has a good taste, not bitter.  Their other beer is a lager in a green colored bottle.  Here, it is on tap.




The fish is a toy on the edge of one of the buffet tables.




Here we see a large fish and some roasted chicken.


fish and chicken


Chippino?  Not sure on the spelling of this entree.




A slightly different variation of the same dish.


cippino 2


More food.


food at resort 3


Perhaps you can identify this.  We see chopped tomatoes and a tortilla.


food at resort 4


A tomato salad.  Tomatoes are very good nutritionally.


tomato salad


The risk with all this delicious looking food is the potential to eat too much.


food at resort


Tasty appetizers.



food at resort 2






They call this fried ice cream.


fried ice cream


Lastly, here is Lucy at the hotel bar.


hotel bar


Best wishes to all!

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