pictures from a resort hotel – part one

pictures from a resort hotel – part one

It is Father’s Day in the US.  We will not be writing an essay on this holiday as what we wrote in our essay for Mother’s Day is also applicable to fathers around the world. Interested readers are referred to reflections for mother’s day and on families posted back on 9 May 2013.

We offer here some photographs taken at a resort hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last weekend.  For readers in the US, the flight from San Francisco took a little more than 3 hours as Puerto Vallarta is on Mexico’s Pacific coast.  It is in the same time zone as Chicago, St. Louis, and Dallas are.

There are many pics to share, thus we segment this essay into 2 parts.

Here is the hotel.




The next 2 views are of areas of the hotel grounds.  The grounds keepers and landscapers have excellent work.


hotel grounds 2


Another view.  This is within the tropics, thus the lush plant growth.


hotel grounds


Chairs and tables outdoors and in the shade.


chairs in open air restaurant


Let us go inside and see the hotel lobby.  A very spacious lobby area.


hotel lobby 2


Another area.  Impressive color.


hotel lobby


Part of the hotel plaza area in the evening.


plaza in evening


This next view is of the pavilion in the plaza.  Interesting colonnade and tile work.


lucy by column


Other nearby buildings.


view from hotel


More nearby structures.




A reminder from the hotel management.


Hotel Riu Vallarta sign


A decoration in the form of a crab.




This was made from a cloth towel in the hotel.


towel doll


We’ll try to post part two in a day or two.  Best wishes to all.

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