pictures from a resort hotel – part two

pictures from a resort hotel – part two


A hearty welcome to new and recent blog subscribers.  There are categories and monthly archives on the blog site for calling up earlier essays (about 250 of these now).

Here we offer the remaining pictures from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Here are 2 views of some colorful plants.


plant in resrot lobby


The next view.




Do not know what this sign is indicating, but it looks nice.


hotel sign


Some views of the beach area.


palms at beach


Another view.


beach resort in western Mexico


A different part of the beach, near the time of the local sunset.


beach in western Mexico


Beach chairs under the palm trees.  Photo must have been taken early in the day.


beach charis at resort


This next view shows the ocean seen through the trunks of the palm trees.


beach resort


Some activities for the guests.


beach party


There were at least a couple of swimming pools at this resort.  We include a few shots of these.


hotel pool


Another view of the same pool.  Note the shadows on the surface of the water.  When the surface is disturbed, the shadows will quiver and undulate creating an interesting visual effect.  When the sun is out, the same will happen to any reflected images on the water’s surface.


pool again


A children’s pool.


children's pool


A different angle of view of one of the pools.


adult pool 2


Pool chairs.


pool chairs


This next picture shows us 2 things.  The ocean is to the west.  When the west is to one’s right, one is looking south.  The sun’s position in the sky is very slightly north of this beach, but only at this time of year.  This location is 2 or 3 degrees south of the Tropic of Cancer.  (The sun’s position will be directly over this line on the summer solstice in a few days time.  Then the sun will slowly begin to retreat away from it.  Or, we ought really say that the earth will slowly begin to tilt back to the north.)

The second thing of note is we see a happy tourist enjoying her vacation with no thoughts of all the work back at the office.


lucy at beach


Thanks for viewing.

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