Obama and climate change

Obama and climate change

We had heard last week that this was coming once President Obama returned from his trip to Europe.

Mr. Obama gave a speech today at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. announcing a big push to limit or reduce the “dumping” of so-called heat trapping gases into the atmosphere.  (Al Gore praised the speech.)

However, if China and India, by far the biggest emitters of such gases, do not reign in their emissions, any reduction in the US will not be adequate to save mankind from the doomsday the eco-fanatics envision.  China and India have previously said they will not accommodate demands for them to reduce such emissions.  China is building more coal-fired electric generating stations each year and plans to continue doing so for years to come.

Readers, so-called manmade global warming has been debunked.  (Al Gore is one of the few who do not know this.)  Recall the scandal a few years ago about all the fudged data and fraud at East Anglia University in England on this subject?

In case you were living on another planet at the time, or are memory impaired, here is just one link to help you.


So, what is this really all about?

Here we have yet another instance of the abuse of government authority.  It is a power grab.  Mr. Obama wants a Soviet style industrial policy for the United States where his government bureaucrats will micromanage industrial activity.  All for our own good, of course, and for the good of everyone else on the planet.

Why the big push now?  To appease his supporters on the Left?  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, a part of the US federal government) is already shutting down coal-fired electric power plants across the country.  (This is significant as coal is the biggest slice of the electric generating pie in the US.  Hydroelectric and nuclear generation trail far behind coal in gigawatt hours produced.)  The EPA is issuing regulations by the day to burden businesses, and make them less cost efficient and thus less economically competitive.  (Increased oil production in the US is coming from state and private lands being developed, not from federal lands.)  The result of all this government overreach will be significantly higher electric utility bills for US consumers and businesses (and possible summer blackouts or brown outs), higher unemployment, and an even weaker economy. (This is in addition to the crushing effects now being felt by many small to medium size businesses because of Obama Care).

We, in the US, cannot afford this man’s vainglorious dreams and fantasies any longer.  We are paying a very heavy price for Obama’s insatiable hunger for power over all aspects of our lives.

Here is another essay to consider.



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