a toy wooden boat and random thoughts

a toy wooden boat and random thoughts


First off, let me offer my apologies to our readers.  Rereading some of our recent essays, I have noticed that the tone has, at times, become terse and could even be interpreted as being sarcastic.  We regret this.  Going forward, I will be more careful in my choice of words.  (I know that in this life, even when I have had good intentions in various areas, I have at times gotten bad outcomes.)  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Last evening, here in the high elevation desert of the US west (baking in high summer temperatures), I perused a book on ancient engineering wonders.  One such wonder was the Buddhas of Bamyan (also spelled Bamiyan), Afghanistan.  These were sculpted and carved from the rock of a mountain side some 15 centuries ago by Buddhist monks.  (You can do an Internet search and find many photos of these carved Buddhas.)

These impressive and beautiful carved images were dynamited in March, 2001 by the Taliban regime against the outcry and protests of much of the rest of the world.  The book noted that it took a month of blasting to destroy the 2 giant Buddhas.  One gives pause here and laments this senseless destruction.  As well, one wonders as to the mental state of those who commit such wanton destruction.  Violent, religious fanatics – possibly psychotic, and very dangerous.

We are going to take a few days (or more) off as we need some down time.  We wish a good week to all readers.  For readers in the US, have a happy and safe Independence Day on Thursday.

Now, to the pics of a toy wooden boat.  This was purchased at Walmart some time ago and sits on top of one of the many bookcases in our home.  It was, per the label on bottom, made in China.  The question in my mind is: was this machine made or hand carved?  It may have been machine made.  In prior times, wood carving was a hobby for many men in their spare hours.  As well, various artisans produced hand carved items for sale.  I guess a child could use his paint set to paint this boat in various colors.

Here we have 2 views of this boat (placed on the tile in our kitchen).


boat 1


Another view from above.


boat 3


Best wishes to all!

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