immigration questions not often asked

immigration questions not often asked

When you see an object in the sky, is it close and small, or distant and large?  How can you tell?  Of course, if it is a well known object like a jet airliner, your cognitive ability kicks in and instructs you whether it is likely near or far away.  But for objects that are not so familiar, even with prominent landmarks in your field of vision to help you, such as a distant hill or tall buildings, this can be difficult to determine.  If you see a funny looking bird, is it near and small, or might it be distant and larger?

Now to our essay.

Fact cars.  Fast women.  (July, 2013)  Just wanted to add some color.


bright colored car 2


As the Congress feigns debate on what to do about the likely 20 million illegal immigrants in the US, we offer these thoughts.  (The government figure that the news media keeps parroting, 11 million, is absurdly low.  Illegals have been entering the country each year since Ronald Reagan’s amnesty in the 1986 -1987 time frame.)  We are writing here about illegal immigration.  The US has a legal immigration process.  The illegals seek to bypass it.

Let’s take a different perspective for viewing this issue of immigration.  Readers in Europe, this is relevant for you as well.  England and France appear to be in the process of being colonized by people from their former colonies and elsewhere.  These immigrants resist assimilating into the host culture.  In Scandinavia, recent Muslim immigrants are sexually assaulting the European women.

Why are these individuals leaving their home countries?  I did not ask why are they coming to the US.  (Most illegals are from Mexico as that country shares a long land border with the US.  But, there are illegal immigrants from Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and as far away as Asia.)

Yes, there are many who seek the “freebies” the US government gives away to illegals. They are not denied medical treatment in the nation’s hospital emergency rooms, and they do not have to pay for such treatment.  But, many leave their homes because of poverty and despair in those countries.  As well, the ongoing narcotics gang wars in Mexico, that have led to the murders of tens of thousands of Mexican citizens in recent years, continue unabated.

If so many people are fleeing from Mexico and other countries, it must be that there are not many economic opportunities in Mexico and elsewhere.  This immigration, this human flight from these nations, is largely symptomatic of the economic despair caused by the corrupt, socialist (or even feudal) regimes in these countries of origin.  Exporting people is not the solution to these nations’ economic problems.  Similarly, weighing down the US, making it into a Third World country, is not good for the world’s economy.  (As the federal government in Washington will not get out of the way and let the economy recover and grow, we cannot even provide decent jobs for many millions of American citizens at present.)

What can be done about this?

We ought to first focus on treating the cause(s).

The way to reduce human misery in these countries is to breakdown the barriers to economic growth and opportunity.

These countries do have resources, the most important of which is their human capital.(Brasil, with previous privatization of many formerly state owned or controlled enterprises, has grown its economy significantly over the past 2 decades, and has a growing middle class.  Chile, for many years had a pro free market government that encouraged business investment, and it has a higher standard of living than its neighbors.)

Regrettably, in Mexico and these other countries of origin, there is not sufficient political will to break down the barriers to growth and economic opportunity.  There is not the will to clean out the corrupt politicos and make true reforms, and in Mexico’s case, fight aggressively and effectively against the organized narcotics gangs that are murdering and terrorizing the Mexican people.

Prosperity was achieved in the US only after generations of sacrifice and through a free market economy.  Such improving standards of living can be achieved elsewhere if the corrupt, leftist governments and their policies would be replaced with free market ones.

Close the borders of the US, and tell these other countries they need to solve their own problems.  Break down the barriers to growth and opportunity.  Recognize that it took several generations to build this country.  With greater technical know how today, it need not take that long for them, but prosperity is not achieved quickly.  And, it is not achieved at all with corrupt, socialistic type governments.

As well, the US government can stop providing financial benefits to illegal aliens.  Cracking down on employers who hire illegals can be pursued more thoroughly throughout the US.  We can change the law that makes one a citizen merely by birth on US soil.  (That worked for the freed slaves after the Civil War (the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and the Fourteenth Amendment), but is not appropriate for the children of illegal aliens now.  To be a citizen (by birth) now, ought to require having one parent be a US citizen at the time of one’s birth.)  These actions would make it less attractive for so many to come to the US, and many illegals already here would “self-deport” back to their home countries.

Other concerns for Americans

The politically correct news media in the US does not report the violent crimes committed by some illegal aliens, including murders, rapes and sexual assaults against children. There are documented cases of illegals committing violent crimes here in the US, who then flee the country only to re-enter later in another part of the country and then commit additional crimes.  As well, foreign drug gang members enter and leave the US at will.  This is what happens when a nation makes no serious attempt to secure its borders.

Securing, closing, the US border is thus crucial for Americans’ security and safety.  (And, is much less expensive to do than fighting these foreign no-win wars in the Muslim world!)  We realize that the political will to do this is sorely lacking among the corrupt politicos in Washington.  (No nation can survive unlimited immigration into it.)  Both major parties hope to win the future votes of those illegals granted amnesty and then eventual citizenship.  These politicians need to do what is right for the country, but they won’t.

Amnesty is not the answer.  20 million able to bring (sponsor) in several family members each will sink the US.  That is the reality.

What will likely happen

Realistically, amnesty will be passed by both houses of the Congress.  And, just as with Obama Care, there are many very unsavory provisions of the bill that has already passed in the US Senate (such as monies being given to sundry immigrant advocacy and pressure groups, and not deporting illegals who commit repeated crimes).  This is not the way to legislate.  The senators and representatives need to debate the bill in all its contents before voting on it.  Not doing so, by simply passing the bill without serious, open and public debate, serves to subvert our legislative process.  Of course, the politicos (those that have bothered to read these 1,000 + page bills) do not want us to know what damaging provisions are in these bills prior to the bills becoming law.  We have no true opposition party to the Left in the US.  These Republicans will pass an “amnesty” bill in the House of Representatives in the interests of “bi-partisanship” (code speak for the Republicans wimping out yet again).  Of course, it will not be called that, but rather will be euphemistically termed “immigration reform”.  When the Senate bill and the House bill go to conference committee, the Senate’s more radical provisions will be adopted for the final “compromise” bill that will then pass both houses of Congress and be signed into law by President Obama.

The Left, which must tear down and destroy the old order before building up its (fanciful) earthly paradise or utopia, wants amnesty, and is keeping the pressure on Washington to get amnesty.

Last summer, I penned an essay on life boats.  There won’t be many for Americans.  This is the country (ship) that most of us will be living our lives out in, and, sorry to say, the ship is sinking.

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