pictures of prepared entrees

pictures of prepared entrees


As we have some chefs and cooks among our readers, we present these pictures for them.  Hopefully, these readers have not become discouraged with our blog.  This is a generalist blog, but we try to offer essays that will appeal to various interests.

Lucy attended a food and cooking event in San Francisco recently.  We offer pictures taken at this event and a couple of other random images.

These first 2 images are from outside the event.


heart of San Francisco


Another heart and a street sign.


heart colorful


Here is the sign for the event.  Event was produced by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.


SF Chef event 2


Here is a closer view.


SF chefs 2


Now to the food.  Here is a montage of images.


new food pic 11


Perhaps this next is an appetizer.


new food pic


Another image.


new food pic 2


More food.


new food pic 3


This next offering looks to be delicious.


new food pic 4


Not sure what this is.


new food pic 5


Something to drink.


new food pic 6


More unusual things to try.


new food pic 7




new food pic 8




new food pic 9


Strawberries (possibly with a few blackberries and raspberries mixed in?).  A healthy fruit to enjoy.


new food pic 10


A final montage from this event.


new food pic 13


Now, from a different event some time past, here is part of a hotel bar.


Bar in the hotel


Apricots on sale.




Best wishes to all.

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