after we lost our freedom – a possible future history

after we lost our freedom – a possible future history

Sometimes you only realize or recognize the true value of something by its lack, by having lost that something.


This essay is not an exercise in creative writing though it may seem so.  This topic is a real concern, even a fear for many of us.  The rapid erosion of our freedoms (in the USA) is indeed worrisome.  (Let’s give the government snoops some “red meat” with this essay.)

Here we see a plant struggling to grow in a less than optimal environment.  Life is an ongoing struggle, a continuing series of challenges.


plant outside


main body

I awake to the sound of helicopters flying overhead.  Military ones rattling the windows. Commandos are moving about the eerily quiet neighborhood.  Recent rumors have it that some of the recalcitrant malcontents among us have dared to give voice to their discontent with the latest government orders and regulations.  I cannot say I blame them.  People’s property (financial assets) is now being seized.  Many of us believed that people do have a right to the fruits of their labors.

Rumors abound now that the government is spiking the drinking water supply with powerful behavior controlling drugs (also known as “meds”) in its latest attempt at controlling us.  (Forget so-called “chem-trails” in the skies.)  Recently, there have been some strange birth defects in babies.

It is necessary now to give some background on how this situation came about.  True, I do not know if anyone will ever read these handwritten pages, but I will write them anyway in the hopes that they survive and are found by some future citizens to read.

The riots of 2014 and 2015 in many major US cities were mainly caused by Muslim violence, abusive government overreach, and racial tensions exacerbated and exploited by hate mongers and arrogant race baiters with dark complexions.  Muslims, enraged by the contemporary styles of dress in the US, waged a true war on women as they had already done in Europe.  But, Muslims found to their surprise that growing numbers of American women were not willing to be their prey and were packing hand guns with which to protect themselves from the violent (humiliating and dehumanizing) sexual assaults.  (Muslims thought it was their “right” to prey upon the infidel women of the US.  Many Muslim youths were found shot dead in the streets.)  As well, some American men –  those who had not been psychologically emasculated by radical feminism – began to belatedly recognize the serious danger of these violent fanatics and also began to protect women and children.

The macro effect of the riots was to give the federal government in Washington the pretext, it had so ardently desired for so long, to confiscate guns across the entire country – both in urban areas and in rural settings.  A secondary effect was that the government could openly attack (and restrict) all religions because of the outrages of just one religion (and that one was widely known to be extremely violent through its recent and ancient history).

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about this time had been supplanted by a new and even less transparent (yet more formidable) organization named the Directorate of State Security (DSS).  The purpose was now clearly seen.  The security and rights of the citizens were not important nor valued.  The security of the state (and those who made up its ruling elite) was of paramount importance.

As the chaos and fear and despair and anger and hatred of government abuse spread and intensified, the central government, emboldened by the lack of effective resistance up to now, took substantive steps to prevent any effective opposition to its goals.  Citizens awoke one day to find the Internet and social media (including email) permanently shut down. This was necessary as the super computers kept generating reports of millions of daily electronic communications with dangerous words (such as “freedom” and “rights”) in them. This was far too much for the thousands of assigned government employees to investigate and follow up on.  Despite the adverse impact on business and the already distressed economy, private (read non government) electronic communications were to be prevented indefinitely.  Telephones were still in operation as shutting down phone service would effectively shut down the economy.  However, it was widely known that calls were closely monitored.

In this climate, suspending the Constitution was a mere formality for the regime, really an after the fact formality.  The justification given for the executive order suspending the Constitution was “the dire nature of the national emergency”.  This dire national emergency had been brought about by the government through its own actions against the people.  Ironically, there was “bi-partisan” support in Congress for this executive order, that needless to say was itself unconstitutional and dissolved Congress.  The last act of the Congress was to vote by a large majority to concur with such a necessity for the sake of public order and safety.  (We, the citizens, were to be protected from ourselves but not from a rapacious government.)  Constitutional patriots were labelled dangerous and possibly “mentally deranged or ill”.  In the future, they likely would be termed reactionary or even counter-revolutionary.

We rarely saw the president on controlled television after this.  It is possible he had become a figure-head and now the real government was a ruling junta or clique of hardcore Leftists.  Perhaps, it is a case of paranoia.  Power hungry individuals are often very paranoid, especially so after they have attained maximum power.

It is worth pointing out that the Left and the fanatical Muslims had some things in common.  Both the Left and the Muslims aimed to bring in an authoritarian kind of government in the US where human freedom (and dignity) would not be allowed to any significant degree.  Both envisioned a world without any human diversity of thought or initiative or action.  Both used violence to achieve their goals.  (The Muslims were hypocrites.  They were said to want to outlaw certain sex acts that they publicly and vigorously condemned, all the while participating in such acts in private.)  The distraction that the Muslims provided helped the Left achieve its ends.

Other actions by the central government included, but were not limited to, the rationing of gasoline, and the tight control of many items including industrial chemicals, solvents, and various electronic components that could be used in making explosive devices.  Of course, after the forcible seizure of guns and ammunition, the subsequent sale of those items was banned.  The companies manufacturing guns were taken over and became state enterprises supplying the DSS.

The news media did not need to be controlled.  The news media had been cheer leading for the regime’s steadily increasingly flagrant power grabs.  Their sanity was completely gone. Ever more outrageous celebrity and politician sex scandals prominently reported on and discussed kept much of the citizenry distracted.

The few shortwave radio reports by individual operators that I was able to pick up painted a bleak picture.  When the federal paramilitary thugs moved to seize the guns, their actions and citizen reactions had gotten violent in many locales.  In Los Angeles, things had been particularly ugly.  The federal troops had moved on some of the most heavily armed drug gangs in the country – both homegrown narcotics gangs and those from Central America. There were many fatalities even among the government storm troopers.  In some neighborhoods, a state of siege existed for some time.  There had been much “collateral” damage.

Many groups, formerly supportive of big, powerful government, realized very late that they had been used to win elections and that the big government cared not for them.  This was especially poignant for the gays.  In the de facto police state, many government security officers were physically abusive of gays when they entered areas with many gays.

But, let us return to the neighborhood I live in.

On the last sweep by the DSS field personnel (we can call them thugs as that is how they behaved), an older black man who had lived peacefully with his family in our neighborhood for years was beaten out in the street for no apparent reason.  We were not told what offense, if any, he had committed.  His family was kept at a distance and so could not intervene. The government thugs beating the black man were both white and black.  Black citizens were treated harshly under the new police state.

Poor Roberta.  A religious woman of Spanish descent.  A Christian.  She used to share the bounty of her backyard garden with many of us, her neighbors.  She went out into the street during the beating of our black neighbor.  She protested this brutal beating of an older gentleman, even going so far as trying to put her body in between the man and the thugs beating him.  For that “crime”, she was taken away.  No one has seen or heard of her since.

What did I do?  At the time, I had thought of going out and adding my body to Roberta’s to shield our neighbor.  But, the thought that I might be able to help the people of the neighborhood more by remaining outside of detention prevailed, and I did not go out in to the street.  This has bothered me.  Perhaps, I was wrong and my continued presence here is not helping my remaining neighbors.

Abruptly, a loud pounding on my front door brings me back to the present moment.  One of the commandos asks me questions.  Cannot see his eyes behind his dark visor.  I reply in Spanish.  (My Francais, French, is not that convincing.)  He repeats his questions.  My replies remain in Spanish.  I play act, feign unfamiliarity, ignorance of what he wants.  (I can do without a search of my home.  The anti-government writings in my study would surely lead to me being taken away.  Also, they were not successful in confiscating all of our guns and ammunition.)  Frustrated, but not wanting to pursue the matter, he leaves.

After he had gone, from a distant memory came the words, a fragment, of a song.  I recall this song being one of the protest songs from the late 1960s during the Vietnam War when authority was being questioned by so many, young and old alike.  The musical group that performed the song was known by the name Steppenwolf (after the Hermann Hesse novel).

“Hey you – what gives you the right to keep me from living like I do?

Remember, if you plan to stay,

those who give can take away.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

Many hours later . . . .

It is late and I am very tired.  The constant, ongoing agitation provided by the regime is taking its toll on so many of us, wearing us down, driving us to despair.  There have even been a few suicides.  We frequently lament the sad fact that more Americans did not wake up and resist this drive to power by the government before it became too late.  I will stop writing now.


I consciously rejected the authoritarian (and increasingly Marxist) conditioning and programming here in the US, and hope that you will reject it also.  To those of you who like big government, I say an out of control government creates many more problems for us in our daily lives than it solves.  As well, you are not recognizing the very serious danger here.

One possible lesson here is that our rights do not come from presidents (or emperors), legislators, nor from the courts.  Governments can only do 2 things as regards true human rights.  Governments can only affirm, protect and defend our rights, or they can trample upon them.  But, governments do not create (nor destroy) any human rights.  I dare say that our rights come from a higher authority and that the founders of the US knew this.

Lastly, as to the essay above, do not make the mistake of thinking that it cannot happen here.

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