more pictures of food and outdoor events

more pictures of food and outdoor events

There will come a time when I will be too old to blog.  You might then see me in a rocking chair slurping up some lukewarm and bland tasting porridge.

But, that time is still in the future, possibly distant future.

Here we share some more photos of food and other things.  First the food and wine.

These next 5 images are from the chefs’ event in San Francisco that we posted a photo essay on last week.

These appetizers are delicious.




Natural ingredients.


more food 3


Note the alliteration in the name of the next item.




Another prepared dish.


food 2


The many wines.




This next item is not from the chefs’ event.  Looks to be asparagus possibly coated with a sauce.


a dish not from the event


Several words now about ginseng (next photo).  I have been drinking this tea each day for about a month now.  (Lucy, my wife, had bought it for me early in the year, and I finally got around to trying it recently.)  This seems to have helped me in some areas.  For middle-aged men and women, it may be better to include in one’s daily diet natural items that stimulate the body to produce its own hormones instead of opting for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Young, healthy men and women do not need to be concerned about this.  (That is why I argued against “male performance” supplements in a June, 2012 essay.  Such products are not necessary for healthy, young men.)  But, once you reach age 40 or 45, you may begin to notice a lack of vigor, lower energy levels, and even a lower libido.  At that age, you may want to research natural alternatives to increasing your hormone levels to a level that you desire for overall good health.

From what little I know of ginseng, the preferred (quality) sources for it are in Asia, particularly Korea and Siberia (hence the name Siberian Ginseng). Any large city that has an Asian food market(s) may offer ginseng teas, and/or the actual dried root itself.  Another possible source for ginseng teas would be a large health food store.


ginseng tea


Now, let us wander outside.  Theme park in Vallejo, California, north of San Francisco.  The temperature on that day was about 95 degrees Farenheit. This park was for many years called something like Marine World Africa USA.  (Now it is called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.)  It had marine animals and elephants and tigers and other land animals.  Water shows (water skiing) and roller coaster type rides rounded out the park’s attractions.


a day at the park


A colorful image.


no title


Over grown replicas of children’s chocolate candy.


m and m


Smiling despite the heat, here is our blog’s photographer being photographed herself.


Lucy at park


In this last image, a park employee is holding the snake for a visitor to touch.




Until next time, please practice random acts of kindness.

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