Egypt today, the dangers of religion, and other thoughts

Egypt today, the dangers of religion, and other thoughts

Greetings from the American West.  Here from our archives is a photo of some rubber ink stamps (mounted on wooden blocks) with a Southwest theme.


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Every day we hear the propaganda that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that Muslims are not violent.  Yet, it seems that the concept of ahimsa (non-injury) rarely applies to the adherents of Islam.  Each and every day there are violent acts committed by Muslims against non-Muslims.  Churches are burnt down in Egypt and Coptic Christians killed. Christian domestic servants are raped by their Muslim employers in Pakistan.  Buddhists are killed in southern Thailand by Muslims.  Hindus and Westerners in India have been targeted by Muslim terrorists (such as in November, 2008 in Bombay (Mumbai)).  Women (both Christian and atheist) are raped in Europe by Muslim youths and now this is happening in the US as well.  The list of violent acts goes on and on.

Before turning to our main theme in today’s essay, we dare say that those who incite violence against innocent people are evil, even if they garb themselves in religious robes and titles.  Those who follow such leaders and then commit violent acts are either evil themselves or are mentally deranged (insane).  For some, religion is like a powerful drug with very destructive effects.

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Former President George W. Bush was disconnected from reality and incredibly naive if he truly believed that the US could install workable democracies in this region (the Middle East) that would be friendly to the West.  A cursory study of the region’s history would have given him a more sober and realistic view.

The so-called Arab Spring (of 2011) was encouraged, if not enabled, by President Obama (a lightweight in foreign policy) and then US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya simply had to go.  There were mobs in the streets calling for this.  (The radicals were making their bid for power in North Africa.)  But, these “strong men” were the ones keeping the violent fanatics somewhat at bay in these countries. Hillary Clinton cackled (laughed) about the death of Moammar Gaddafi – but Libya is much more unstable, violent and radical post Moammar.  (Americans,  if you want a woman president, that is fine, but please choose (elect) a woman with some positive qualities, and not this miserable wretch.  Please.)

Readers are aware of the events occurring in Egypt over the past several weeks.  The Egyptian military cannot back down now.  If the military authorities are ousted, possibly by sympathizers to the Muslim Brotherhood within the officer corps, then the Egyptian military will be purged of any senior officers that oppose the Brotherhood, possibly with executions.  This is an existential struggle for the future of Egypt.  (The Egyptians know this and many were cheering the military in its crackdown on the murderous fanatics.) Does Egypt return to the world of the 7th and 8th centuries, or does Egypt become a modern, secular governed state?

The mainstream news media coverage in the West has, predictably, not been comprehensive and hence not accurate.  The ignorant, corrupt Western press does not wish to widely report that the Muslim fanatics had been sniping with military type rifles at military and police personnel throughout the country.  The military’s crackdown of this past week against these pro-Morsi protesters was provoked by these same protesters who ardently desire violence.  And, yes, violence begets violence.

Let’s address this never ending violence coming from Muslims which calls to mind the dangers of religion.  (Reader discretion is advised from this point forward.)  Authentic religion, governed by reason and not emotion, should unite, not divide us.  However, if you have a concept of God as having the nature of a tribal, temperamental teenager, who is both hateful and petty – you have a false conception of God.  If you are killing those who reject such a false, idiotic concept of God, you are wrong, and the world will reject you and push back against you.  If you Muslim religious leaders (imams) are inciting people to hatred of others and to commit violence against others – you are evil, not “holy”.  You make a hell on earth with your hate and violence, and then you think that you will enter paradise after leaving this earth?!  You are as false (fraudulent) as your religion is.  (Some would go further and say that a religion that allows, and/or calls for, murder and rape of non-believers and destruction of churches and temples is demonic.)

(One wonders if these violent Muslim youths are sexually frustrated and repressed.  “Make love, not war” may be more than a trite remark in this instance.)

To the Muslims, I say the rest of the world really does not want your religion.  We do not want the violence and the hate.  Peace gives the opportunity of progress and an improvement of the lot of the world’s peoples.  We reject your 7th century Arabian tribal thinking and its anti-values.  American women really do not want to dress like it is Halloween (in a burqa) unless it is Halloween (October 31) and they are going to a costume party.

We are not done with the dangers of religion.  Some, many in fact, Christians also cling to some very dangerous and bizarre beliefs.  Christian Zionists – those so-called Christians (largely of the various Protestant denominations) who unquestioningly support Israel in the hopes of helping with the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy about the end of the world, we speak to you now.

If you have not come to terms with (accepted) your own individual mortality – you need to, and also really ought to refrain from trying to hurry God along in His timetable.  You are not going to be “raptured” out of this world.  You will have to endure bodily death as every human being ever conceived has had to.

As I have written before, people need to govern their religious fervor with reason. Otherwise, fanaticism gains traction.

Actually, if these people correctly understood the Christian teachings, they would attempt to evangelize the Jews, and stop pandering to them.  (Jesus’ New Covenant superceded the Old Covenant.)  As well, for your information, today’s Jews are Talmudists (adherents to the teachings of the Talmud, a work of various rabbis over several centuries which is Pharisaic in nature) and are not adherents of many of the Old Testament teachings.  Thus, the Jews of today do not have that much in common with Christians or Christian beliefs.

It is these people, these Christian Zionists – whose political clout is added to that of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington – who help to keep the US mired in the Middle East.

I have other issues with Christian denominations in the US.  But, this is enough for today.

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