the worthy goal and love is stronger than hate

the worthy goal and love is stronger than hate

The worthy goal, the noble goal, ought not be avoided simply because it is difficult of achievement.


love 2


Being a loving person in such an unloving world is difficult.  No joke.  There is much hatred in this world.  Hate is behind, is the cause of much of the violence we see around us.  A decent person wants to do the right thing and to live a constructive life.  Over the years, even the decades of one’s life journey, one sees evidence that love is stronger than hate.

How?  Why?  There are examples of individuals who lived by hate, practiced hate and yet over time, and sometimes through very painful, traumatic personal experiences that finally got their attention, realized hate is a losing play and destroys those who live by it.  Many loving people were not so loving earlier in their lives.  (Perhaps, you know of such individuals in your circle of friends and relatives.)  Hateful people can be reached by love. Returning hatred to those who hate you only keeps the terrible, destructive cycle going. (Both Jesus and Buddha condemned hate and encouraged, even commanded us to love. Buddha said that hate can only be conquered by love.)

Sri Aurobindo (1872 – 1950) said to look to what a man has become over the course of his life.  We need to strive to become better, more loving persons each day.  Forgiveness is important here – of others and of ourselves.  We can become more loving and compassionate and charitable human beings, by the grace of God, if we make the effort.

Love has its own rewards.  You can and will experience these in your life.  Helping others, lightening the burden of their load of troubles is gratifying for those who give of themselves expecting (and requiring) nothing in return.  Try it.

A reminder to those in positions of power and authority.  It is not about you.  Your role, your position of privilege and power is about helping those who are subordinate to you. This has largely escaped the notice of most kings, emperors, presidents, etc. throughout history.  Those in authority have a serious responsibility to exercise their authority constructively and for the common good – not for their own personal ends.  Sadly, most of those who seek power lack the moral maturity and integrity to wield it properly.

It is true that none of us can change the world in a macro way.  But, we can make a small difference each and every day.  And, by our loving actions serve to encourage others to become more loving human beings.  Helping a few others by our example is better than doing nothing.

As Lao Tse (or Tzu) is said to have said 25 centuries ago:

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

Be that single or rare candle.  Be a loving, compassionate and merciful example to those you interact with at home, in your neighborhood, at your place of employment, at school, in the public square, and at your church.  Help to start a positive ripple effect.  It is the noble and right thing to do.  Do not leave this earth the same flawed person you were when you entered it!

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