shadows and contrasts and thoughts

shadows and contrasts and thoughts

Whenever I see shadows on the pavement, when I consciously notice them, it makes me pause and think.  Often the shifting shadows remind me of the transitoriness of life.  But, indoors, the stationary shadows cause me to think of the contrasts we encounter each day on our life’s journey.

Light and dark.  Life and death.

Is it possible that we would not fully appreciate the joyful moments if we did not experience the sorrowful ones?  (And, there is no escaping sorrow and loss on this earth.)

Do the difficult experiences shape our character for the better?  Are these experiences necessary for our growth?  Can we only empathize with other suffering people and know compassion in our hearts if we have suffered ourselves?

We must each ask ourselves such questions and reflect on them.

But, there are times when I let go and stop thinking.  Then, I feel a peace and a confidence within.  Just for a moment or two, I am in the present moment and my problems are very distant.  And, I am free.

We offer these 3 images captured this past weekend in western North America, on a late summer day.  There really was no reason to take these pictures, except that on impulse, we did.

Dear readers, do not read too much into them.


shadows on floor


The second of 3 images.


shadows on floor 2


The final image.


shadows on floor 3


Thanks for reading.  Best wishes to all!

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