some pictures from San Francisco

some pictures from San Francisco

Okay, we traveled once again to San Francisco for a few days.  We have accepted that we will never be completely free of this progressive American city.

We share with you now some pictures taken last weekend for your viewing enjoyment.

Neither my wife nor myself are of Italian ancestry, but we love Italian food!

Here we see spaghetti and meat balls.  It was delicious!


spaghetti and meatballs


Very good pizza with mushrooms.




We went to a baseball game.


AT&T Park


Lucy outside of AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.


Lucy in front of stadium


Entering the stadium at midday on Sunday, September 8, 2013.  The ball park is located at the bay in the northeast part of the city, not far from the financial district.


entering stadium


We had great seats for this day game.  Here is the scoreboard and right and center field (looking northeast).




Here are the left field stands and the left field of play.


left field stands


I must admit it seems that the Giants’ fans are better now.  We can remember going to Giants games at Candlestick Park (the football 49ers are playing their last season there now) in the late 1980s.  Then the fans were rowdy and usually already drunk by the time of the first pitch.  Not a wholesome crowd for taking children to see a ball game.


fans during game


Another pic of the fans.


fans at game


This is a view from the game.  We had to look to our left to view the action in the infield.  The Giants defeated Arizona, 3 to 2, in 11 innings.


during game


Fortunately, the tickets we had were given to us by a friend.  25 years ago it was inexpensive to go to a baseball game.  Not so these days!


ticket to game


We have more pictures from the Bay Area for another essay in the near future.  We will soon return to thematic essays that address the current problems of the world, too.

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