tribute to the Bay Bridge

tribute to the Bay Bridge

On Saturday, 7 Sept. 2013, we drove over the Bay Bridge which connects San Francisco and Oakland.  There was much “hoopla” at this time as the new section had just been opened.  I am not sure why this new section was constructed.  It is true that the old section (seen in some photos below) had been damaged during the earthquake of October 17, 1989 with a failure of the roadway in one section.  Be that as it may, we present a few pics of this new section that is the eastern portion of the bridge.  As well, we include a few pics of the western portion where one is driving right into San Francisco and can glimpse the skyline and the more famous bridge, the Golden Gate, to one’s right.  Both bridges celebrated their 50th anniversaries since construction in the late 1980s (1987, I think).

Regarding 1989, it is rather ironic that the only professional baseball World Series to be interrupted and delayed by an earthquake was also the only such competition between San Francisco and Oakland.  The Bay Area baseball fans knew at the start of this series that they would have a champion in the Bay Area. (Oakland won this series 4 games to none.)

Here we are driving east to Oakland.  The old 2 deck section of the bridge is visible to the right.


Bay Bridge new section 2


Driving west to Treasure Island (an old military installation in the bay).  The old span is to the left.


Bay Bridge new section


Closer to Treasure Island now.  Motoring with the traffic at approx. 55 miles per hour.


Bay Bridge new section from Oakland


After transiting a short tunnel through the island, one is on the western section of the bridge.  Container (cargo) ships bound for the port of Oakland pass under this section of the bridge.  (As did US Navy aircraft carriers calling at Alameda Naval Air Station until it was closed in 1997.)


Bay Bridge driving into SF


There are 4 of these towers holding up the roadway of this section of the bridge.  The eastbound traffic to Oakland is on the lower deck immediately below this, the upper deck.  (We ought to have cleaned the car’s windshield.)


Bay Bridge west bound


Now we see the bridge from one of the piers in San Francisco, a few blocks north of the baseball stadium (AT&T Park).  America’s Cup boat racing was taking place this weekend as well (New Zealand versus the US).


Bay Bridge closer view


Tall buildings in San Francisco seen from the highway.


San Francisco buildings


A view from the edge of the bay of buildings. 


tall building


The same buildings in a different shot during the late afternoon.


tall building 2


Thanks for reading and viewing.

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