race relations in the United States in 2013

race relations in the United States in 2013

In this essay, we address the emotionally charged issue of race relations in the US.  We will try to analyze the current situation both objectively and rationally.  Our purpose is to stimulate thinking on this issue in the hope of promoting harmony among individuals and groups.  If you do not read the entire essay, you may reach incorrect conclusions about what we are trying to convey.  Keep that in mind.

Shadows on concrete.


shadow on concrete


The reality is that there is some racism in all groups (white, black, Asian, etc.).  What we mean is that there are some individuals that have racist attitudes to be found in any group. And, because of the stubbornness with which people cling to attitudes, racism can never be completely eliminated.

Now, let us identify 3 of the various viewpoints or attitudes that bear on race currently found among white people in the US.  These viewpoints or attitudes are not necessarily mutually exclusive and there is some overlap where individuals hold to 2 of the 3 viewpoints at the same time.

First, there are some white people who harbor racism towards blacks.  They do not like blacks because of the differences (from whites) in blacks’ behavior, their thinking, their values, their way of speaking, their taste in music, their physical characteristics, their voting patterns, etc.  Some of these white people feel they are racially superior to black people.  This is a small subset of the adult white population in the US.

A second subset of the adult white population is really not racist in its attitudes, but has become exasperated over the years with black Americans always “playing the race card”. As an example, a white caller to a local radio show a couple of months back said that he had been dealing with blacks in his adult life since the late 1960s and had for many years tried to help these folks (both when he was in the military, and then later in the private sector of the economy).  But, he complained of this perpetual victim mindset or chip on the shoulder that so many black people continue to carry around with them throughout their lives. Blacks will make use of the charge of racism to divert attention away from their own failings or short comings.  This viewpoint (of exasperation) appears to be spreading among the white population.  Racial antagonisms have gotten worse in recent years, or at least the consciousness of them has increased.  50 years past the days of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, the old wounds have not been healed (actually the wounds have not been allowed to heal), and the distrust and the resentment persist between the 2 groups.  For these white Americans, the days of trying to help blacks are largely past, as they no longer believe it will make any difference.

There is a third viewpoint we need to note as it calls to our attention the intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy of many non-white Americans today, and the fraudulent nature of so-called “political correctness”.  The individuals who share this viewpoint see no reason why they as whites cannot or should not celebrate pride in the achievements of white people.  One might term this “white pride”.  Consider: If it is okay for there to be public celebrations of ethnic pride for any and all non- white segments of the population, why is it not also acceptable for white people to celebrate their pride in the achievements of whites? (As examples, the Chinese very publicly celebrate Chinese New Year, the Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo with public events here in the West, and we do have Black History Month each year in February.)  Why can we as a nation not feel good about the positive contributions made by all citizens, both white and non-white?!  Yet, many of these white people complain that if and when any white people do publicly participate in such celebrations of white achievements, they are sometimes labelled racist or bigoted for doing so.  It is not “politically correct” to celebrate the achievements of white people.  (So much for “diversity”.)  But, one cannot change historical facts.  Columbus was a European.  The founders and framers of the Constitution were white men.  (Of course, those who wish to profit by dividing us will say Columbus was a villain, and the Constitution is a racist document.  Counter demonstrations do occur at some Columbus Day events.)

Now, let’s look at blacks in the US.

Recalling the Trayvon Martin shooting and the national news media attention given to it, we must ask: why is there no outcry from black leaders over the daily killings (in the US) of young black males by other young black males?  (Black Americans need to ask this question within their communities.)  The truth is that the vast majority of black youths who are murdered are murdered by other black youths.  This is true in Chicago, and also in Washington, and in Oakland, and in Newark, etc.  However, the race mongers, like Al Sharpton, never address the black on black violent crime that is rampant in most American inner cities and in some suburbs.  (By the way, the Trayvon Martin case was a local event in Sanford, Florida that was pushed and hyped to be a national news issue.)  As well, the mainstream news media in the US does not report on black on non-black violent crime (murders, rapes, assaults), at least not at the national level.  We hear on radio talk programs from time to time that the statistics the FBI has tell us that blacks commit more violent crimes against non-blacks than non-blacks commit against blacks.  (In a brief search of the Internet, we did not find a link to clearly show this.  But, we found links that tell us that a disproportionate share of violent crime is committed by blacks.)  The violent crime, and the “gangsta” culture within the urban black communities do not help the cause of racial harmony.

Before continuing, we include these links.  Depressing, yes.

Arrests by race, 2011:


Murder victims by age, sex, and race in 2011:


Murder: race and sex of victim by race and sex of offender, 2011 (single victim/single offender).


An article that may be of interest.


Much of the poverty among blacks in the inner cities is due to single parent households and to lack of jobs.  There is nothing that white people are doing that prevents family formation among blacks.  As well, the single parent households in white communities, Asian neighborhoods, and Hispanic communities also suffer higher poverty rates than 2 parent households.  Therefore, it is not true that the poverty (and for too many, the government welfare dependency) thus resulting is due to racism.  (We hope that more black leaders will address this issue and encourage family formation.  Some black leaders (not those in the main stream) are raising this issue now.  This absence of fathers in the home also contributes to the higher crime rate among black teen males.)  As to the lack of jobs, we just addressed the stagnant economy which is the bitter fruit of the failed policies from Washington (see last essay).  For nearly 5 years, we have had a president who self identifies himself as black (actually he had one white parent, and thus is bi-racial). President Obama’s policies have not helped black Americans.  We include a link to a relevant essay here:


closing remarks

Personally, I try to look at people as individuals and try to avoid stereo typing.  In my personal experiences, having lived in different regions of the country in urban and suburban settings, I have met and interacted with good and bad individuals in all the different groups.

Let us work to end racism. That means white racism, black racism, Asian racism, etc.  But, at the same time, let us remember that no group of people ought to be above legitimate, honest, constructive criticism.  (My remarks above about black crime and lack of family formation are facts, these are not racist remarks.)

As citizens in a multi-racial society, we are stronger when we work together.  Let us resist the forces of division in our midst.


  1. I have become convinced there are no solutions to America’s racial divide which are quick or easy. Poorly thought-out social programs have destroyed black families and negatively impacted ALL families. Blacks have become addicted to receiving government hand-outs, which has negatively impacted their work-ethics and sense of responsibility for their own lives. Whites have become angry and cynical regarding government redistribution of wealth, as they have seen little, if any, improvement in the lives of those who receive free cash and services. My take: the racial divide in America will be with us for a long time. We are in for a very rough ride for several more decades.

    1. Yes, it does appear that we are in for many more years of racial animosity. The sad irony is that black people vote in overwhelming numbers for those candidates whose policies keep black people down.

  2. The meaning of the term “racism” is becoming lost. Racial discrimination, colour prejudice, racial hatred, racial privilege, racial disadvantage are more specific. The simple solution is to follow Rev. Martin Luther King’s edict to see each individual and not just a colour. Simple, though not easy, since that requires being very present in a crowded, hurry-up world. It would mean each of us taking the time to key in to our mutual humanity; each person seeing into each person, and not just looking at, or past, each other. Give it another couple of centuries.

  3. Having re-read your comment on racism, it has at least a few fundamental flaws regarding analysis. 1. It sets the initial tone by using one particular definition of racism that is not universally agreed up. 2. It places heavy emphasis on a narrow range of references, i.e crime stats. 3. It generalizes and therefore leans towards bias. 4. It presents a range of opinions from whites about whites, but does not present the opinions of blacks about blacks.
    Anyone who didn’t personally know black Americans would be led to conclude just from this opinion piece alone that they are a contemptible group. When there is a constant focus on a narrow range of activities, and thus to the exclusion of the whole, we see these kinds of results.
    The reference to “black- on-black” violence is specious. Consider that when some individuals are in the rage of depression and human depravation that characterizes the lives of a disproportionate number of people of colour, one unfortunate outcome is violent reaction directed at whoever is nearest. It is a form of lateral displacement. Imagine those same disadvantaged people trying to vent their frustration at the power structure that has historically contributed to the present day conditions. Recall the rapidity with which Boston was transformed into a police state following the fatalities during the marathon last spring.
    All this noted, this appears to be an earnest attempt at understanding the problem of racial abuse, albeit based only on a very narrow view of the lives of black people. It is an example of how much further America has to go in resolving a most troubling thread in the fabric of its history. The world is waiting for America to get it right.

    1. Before posting each essay, several drafts are worked through. Thus, when we have a finished product and release it, you can be assured that we mean what we say. We consciously opted not to spend much time on the very virulent racism that exists within much of the black community in the US. As well, too many blacks are victims of identity politics and have trouble being objective on the issue of racism in the US. Violent crime is a very real and serious problem and cannot be ignored. Blacks committing violent crimes against non blacks do not get much coverage by the main stream media. We are now moving on to other topics.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Both your sincerity and particular point-of-view are duly noted and appreciated. I would only ask that you examine your particular claims of objectivity, bearing in mind that true objectivity is a near impossibility.

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