twilight – a time of transition and mystery

twilight – a time of transition and mystery


evening in the city 2


Dusk, evening twilight, is the time when objects are no longer clearly defined by the light of day.  Boundaries become less clear, less solid.  The eyes and the brain have not yet fully adapted, transitioned to the dark of night.  The imagination can affect our judgment as to what we think we see.  The growing, deepening shadows hold mysteries now.  In a sense, twilight is similar to when we are passing from being awake to sleeping.  One is not so sure what is real when almost asleep or not yet fully awake.

In the autumn, the time of twilight takes on more mystery.  The earth is transitioning from the vibrant life of summer to the dormant, dead state of the approaching winter.  It is neither hot nor cold now at dusk as one walks along the streets of the city.  One hears, more than sees, the dead leaves, recently fallen from trees, skipping, clattering along the pavement driven by the breeze.  One sees the moon rising in the distance.

It is not the dark, per se, that causes us anxiety.  It is what may be lurking in – hidden from our view by – the darkness.

Something just brushed my cheek – a moth.

Atavistic fears sometimes arise unbidden from the unconscious.  As well, for city dwellers, current concerns with violent crime can oppress us.

But, the dusk is a magical time when boundaries are not so sure, barriers not so impenetrable.  A midst the uncertainty of the senses, the mind can find a certain freedom and clarity for a few minutes.  One can simply be in the moment and let the mind wander.

Later, deep into the night, when it seems that the world has gone to sleep (or at least our little corner of it has), one can experience some deep thoughts.  Free of distractions, ideas can unexpectedly enter one’s thinking.  Some of my most lucid thinking occurs late in the evenings.  As well, ideas can come into your awareness while you are near to sleep.  One may want to keep a pad of paper and a pen on the night table near your bed.  Ideas can be very elusive, much like dreams are, and may not be remembered in the morning upon waking.

an autumn evening fancy

You have just now stepped off the street car and are walking to your flat or apartment in the city.  It is dusk and the air is crisp but not cold.  Your walk is invigorating.  Now is the time you can leave the many frustrations of the day behind.  This is your time.

After making your way the few short blocks to your home through alternating pools of deepening darkness and pools of light from the street lamps, you climb the steps and unlock the front door, and slip inside.  She meets you in the entryway, and wraps her arms around your neck and warmly kisses you.  She suggests you go change into more casual and comfortable clothes.

When you enter the kitchen a few minutes later, your favorite bottle of beer (or glass of wine, or mixed drink of whiskey) is set out for you.  The smell of dinner is in the air here. She has cooked one of your favorite meals tonight, and it is almost ready for eating.

For the next few hours, you share each other’s company.  This is your time together.  You each make the most of it.  The problems of the world are left behind for now.  These burdens will be picked up again in the morning, but for now they do not exist for you.

This is the beauty of the evening.  And, it comes around at the end of each day.

Thanks for reading.

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