pictures from a cruise – part one

pictures from a cruise – part one


Our blog’s photographer is currently on assignment and is at sea on a cruise ship.  We received some pictures from her when wi-fi internet access was available at some ports of call.  (We do not have all the facts about the pictures, such as which cities they were taken at.)  We anticipate many more pictures to be available once she returns to the mainland US late next week. Thus, this topic may have 2 or perhaps 3 more installments later this month. For now, we share theses pictures with you.

This is a bridge at the port of Los Angeles.  This is a major container port and many cargo ships call here.  The port is served by major US trucking companies and railroads.  The cruise ship departed from here on the afternoon of Friday, 4 October, 2013.


harbpr bridge Los Angeles Long Beach


Here are 2 views of a container ship docked.


container ship 2


Another view of the same vessel after some more containers have been off loaded.


container ship


A tug boat works the harbor.


tug boat


We share this next picture to show the pottery and ceramic works on the shelves.  Lunch in a restaurant at the harbor before sailing.


lucy in lunch room


With multiple stops in Mexico, we present these next pictures.  This is from Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta


A resort hotel on the water.  Not sure about the location, but it may be Puerto Vallarta.


resort hotel


A sea horse and rider.


sea horse


One of the stops on the cruise.  Temperatures were in the mid to high 80s Farenheit.




The cruise ship in harbor.


cruise ship in Mexico


The inside of a church in one of the ports of call.  We are surprised that the national flag of Mexico is so prominent behind the altar.  Usually flags are placed to the side of the altar.


inside of church


More boats at the marina or small harbor.


more boats


Another image of tropical Mexico on the Pacific coast.


tropical Mexico


Best wishes to everyone.

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