Would a longer human life span make sense?

Would a longer human life span make sense?

Stacking up, racking up the years like these wooden freight pallets.




Sometimes you wanna get higher
And sometimes you gotta start low
Some people think they gonna die someday
I got news, ya never got to go

Lyrics from the song, Stranglehold, by Ted Nugent (American rock musician).

What if the human life span was several centuries, rather than several decades long?

The Bible, in the Old Testament, speaks of some individuals living hundreds of years.  In the Vedic Scriptures of India, there is mention of other ages where human life spans were extremely long, lasting many thousands of years.  Whether these passages are to be taken literally or metaphorically, is up to the individual reader.  But, would such long lives for human beings really be a boon?

Given mankind’s self-destructive tendencies and proclivities, his unbridled passions, I do not think a longer life span would necessarily be good.

Consider, many people are chasing after worldly things for much of their adult lives and rarely give much, or any, thought to why they are here on earth.

Death, mortality, approaching a person in mere decades, rather than over the course of centuries, fails to motivate many of these individuals to consider the appropriate questions about life.  It seems to me that many do not put much effort into living a more constructive, loving life.  This is not pessimism or cynicism, but rather a realistic assessment based on observations of individuals and groups of individuals.

It does seem that people are motivated to pursue power, pleasure and possessions to excess.  Yet, money is a means to an end, and not an end in itself.  Money allows a person to provide for his/her family and for himself/herself.  It also permits one to help others in need.  Money or material wealth is a shallow measure of a person’s worth or value as a human being.  There are individuals constantly in search of new pleasurable sensations and some seek these in drugs.  Needless to say, drug addiction and abuse is terribly destructive.  Sex is the priority for many.  (This is not just true of men.  There are many sexually aggressive and predatory or seducer type women today.)  While we believe that sex is great within a loving marriage and that the spouses should find sexual fulfillment in their marriage, there is more to man’s being than his physical body, his senses, and his appetites.  Having a large number of sexual “conquests” is not as fulfilling as having a deeply loving (monogamous) sexual relationship with one person.  The thrill of sexual novelty, and the excitement of the anticipation, are similar to the rush or “high” one gets from taking drugs – it is only physical, temporary and fleeting.

There is more to human life than these pursuits as man has a spiritual dimension to his nature which is not so easily satisfied by worldly, material, physical achievements, possessions or sensations.  People that pursue these mindlessly are doing a bad turn to themselves.  (In the Vedic philosophy, these individuals are at a lower level of consciousness.)  Could it be that spiritual evolution (growth, development and progressive maturation) is an important purpose of human life?

As to human life lasting centuries, the prospect of seeing and hearing and being ruled by the same power-hungry politicians remaining in power for centuries, not decades, is not very pleasant to ponder.

There has been for a few years bizarre, even macabre talk of “downloading” one’s personality into an android or artificial type body (or even a cloned copy of one’s human body) and thus greatly prolonging the “human” experience or life.  Technical feasibility and moral concerns aside, I say “No thanks.”  I do not want to be anchored to this world, but fear the karmic weight of past transgressions may anchor me to it, if reincarnation be true.


a sand pit


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