the challenge of being a generalist blogger

the challenge of being a generalist blogger




There are many bloggers who one may consider as specialist bloggers.  They write almost exclusively on one topic or on a few closely related topics or issues.  There are such specialty blogs about photography, cooking/food, travel, politics, philosophy, marriage, relationships, etc.  Readers of these blogs are quite interested in these specific subjects.

There are also generalist type bloggers who write on a wide variety of subjects.  Our blog is one of these.

Subscribers (I do not care for the term “followers”) have signed up after many of our essays.  But, these posts have been on a fairly wide range of topics.  Thus, not all essays are of interest to all – or even most – readers.  (Yet, variety is not necessarily a bad thing.) The reader who likes photo essays may be disappointed when the essays address politics, society, or philosophy. Those readers who prefer to see observations or insights on religion may be frustrated when the next essay is on marriage or parenting.  (Subscribers are encouraged to use the search widget or peruse the categories on the blog site for finding additional essays on the subjects that interest them.)

We gain some readers and we lose some readers over time.  But, we write what we believe to be either helpful or informative or true – or all of these.  We do not post essays to try to become popular or to make people feel good about themselves.  (We’re not politicians.)

We (my wife and I) hope that our essays have been of benefit, or help, to some readers – even if only as food for thought, or to help readers gain a little better perspective on some topics.

So, I guess the way to proceed after sixteen and one half months of blogging is to write when the mood takes me, and on the subjects that come to mind, that we feel are important.

Thus, the challenge of writing as a generalist blogger continues . . . .


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