pictures from a cruise – part three – Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta


Lots of pictures to share.  This series may have several installments over the next 2 weeks.

So, where to begin?  Let’s proceed by ports of call.

This is a scene from Cabo San Lucas at the “bottom” of the Baja California peninsula.  These rocks are somewhat similar to what we see in pictures of Phuket in southern Thailand several thousands of miles away.


rocks at water's edge in Cabo 2


Another view.


rock formations at water's edge in Cabo


Before continuing, we include a link to a map of the region. This map also shows 2 other ports of call from this cruise which will appear in the next essay(s).

Truly remarkable views of sea, sky and rocks.


rocks at water's edge in Cabo


Rocks at water’s edge.  A zen moment.  Peaceful reflections, or a time of no thinking.


rocks at water's edge


A crane (bird) in the water.


crane in water at Cabo


Beach scene – a wild card photo as we are not sure where this was taken.


beach scene


Boats in a marina at Cabo.


boats ar marina in Cabo


We leave Cabo San Lucas with this last view.


Cabo San Lucas


Here is Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico.


Puerto Vallarta


The city welcomes you.


Puerto Vallarta 2


Another view.


Puerto Vallarta 3


Another view of Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta 5


Natives at the coast.




Below is an example of the rocky, jagged edge of the land as it meets the sea.


Puerto Vallarta 4


How reptilian a view!  Reptiles with mammals.  This must be Earth.  Lucy has an iguana resting on the back of her neck and Gecko lizards clinging to her shirt.


iguana and geckos


We’ll post more pics from this cruise later in the week.