the Sparks middle school shooting – an unanswered question

the Sparks middle school shooting – an unanswered question

This incident occurred yesterday morning, here in Sparks, Nevada (USA) – only about 11 or 12 miles from where we reside.  This news item keeps being mentioned on the hourly national radio news broadcasts – at least on the two networks I listen to (NBC News Radio and Fox News Radio).

We do not yet know the name of the 12 year old boy who shot 2 other students (who are now in hospital recovering) and murdered a 45 year old math teacher before turning the hand gun on himself.

Why will the local authorities not release the name of the dead boy?

This is the question that has not been answered and really may not have even been asked by the mainstream media.  The newscasts this afternoon keep mentioning that local authorities still do not have a motive for the lethal shooting, but do not mention anything about his name.

A local radio show host has, today, asked why the name has not been released.  This host, Sean Patrick of 107.3 FM KNEZ, then shared his thoughts.  Is it possible that the boy shooter was a Latino, and not a white person?  If so, is it possible that his family are not in this country legally?  (This is not racist.  The fact is that the state of Nevada has its share of illegal immigrants, both in Las Vegas and in the Reno-Sparks areas.)  Mr. Patrick is a public figure locally and lives in Sparks.  He is known by many local residents.  He seems to be saying that he has reason to believe (from local unofficial sources, perhaps parents of other students at the school) that the boy was Hispanic or Latino.

Here now are my thoughts.

The 45 year old math teacher, Michael Landsberry, is survived by his wife and 2 stepdaughters.  That family has been devastated.  (Readers who are inclined to pray may wish to say a prayer for strength and healing for them.)

In other school shootings, we have fairly quickly been informed of the perpetrators’ names. So, it does seem odd that in this most recent case the media is not seriously asking local authorities for the name of the perpetrator; or if the news media people know the name they are not releasing it.

For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that Sean is correct in his assumption that the shooter was Latino.  Could this be the reason for media silence as to his name?

President Obama last week, after the end of the phony government shut down, mentioned that he wanted Congress to press on and quickly address various issues including immigration reform.  He specifically mentioned immigration reform.

Is it possible that the mainstream news media here in the US does not want the public’s attention to be focused on some of the negatives of illegal immigration?  Violent crime is one such negative.  Teenage gang activity is another.

We wrote about journalism a couple of weeks ago, and we noted that the US news media buries what it does not want widely known.  As well, we addressed so-called immigration reform this past summer, and suggested that the countries from which citizens are fleeing need to break down barriers to economic growth and opportunity for their citizens.  Thus, we leave these issues and move on.

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